Important Info for the Next 10 Days

Please read thoroughly!


Black Light Dress Rehearsals

Our mandatory dress rehearsal will be held after school this Tuesday, October 22, from 3:00-5:30. Attendance will be for a significant amount of points. I started emailing that date on August 1st, so I'm hoping everyone has it on their calendars.

Black light shirts will be handed out Monday. Students will wear their black light shirts, black pants, and black socks to school Tuesday morning. There will NOT be time for 180 students to go to the bathroom to change.

Students will be picked up in the 6th and 7th grade car line after dress rehearsal is dismissed. There will be a parent stationed in the 8th grade car line sending any cars who are there to the other car line. I know this may seem overprotective to some, but I can only be in one car line at a time and want to make sure all of us get home safely.

Backstage Volunteers

We still need a few slots filled for backstage volunteers, especially for evening shows. Remember that, if you're working backstage for the evening shows, the office will allow you to attend one day performance.

Thanks, in advance, for your help with this!


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Wicked Field Trip


Buses will pull out at 5:00 am. It is early, but Atlanta traffic is always rough and unpredictable. We will not be reimbursed if we don't make it to CNN Headquarters on time. Please drop your child off 10-15 minutes early. If you're chaperoning, please park your car in the lot across from the gym. BE ON TIME. The buses cannot wait.


I still have not gotten a confirmation, but I've applied for a special treat after the show. One school will be selected to have a meet-and-greet with the Wicked cast after the matinee. If we are chosen, our arrival back at HTMS might have to be changed slightly. How do you know EXACTLY when we'll be home? I will ask your child's bus captain to make an all-call for students on their bus to text you twice on the trip home: once as we cross the state line and again at the Leeds exit. We will be 25 minutes from the school when they text the second time.


I strongly believe that my job is to teach more than just curriculum in my classroom. I try hard to teach character education and other things, along with our day-to-day lessons. I am asking that students observe theatre etiquette and not attend the show in blue jeans and t-shirts. There will definitely be students at the matinee in casual attire, but I'd like for US to show that we have a respect for the theatre and look nice upon arrival at the Fox. As of Saturday evening, the weather is supposed to be 10% chance of rain with a high of 69 degrees. That doesn't mean the forecast won't change. (Struggling with what to wear? For guys, khakis and a pullover would be very appropriate. For ladies, leggings and a tunic would be appropriate, but comfortable.) Thank you for your help in this matter.


Students need no money for food on the field trip. Part of their field trip fee was $10 for lunch and $10 for dinner. When they arrive at restaurants for lunch and dinner, their chaperones will hand them a $10 bill. They may keep any change and bring it home to you. There WILL be two opportunities for souvenir purchases. Those are not included in the field trip fee. There's a gift shop at CNN and merchandise kiosks at the Fox. Wicked merchandise will be expensive. A logo shirt or sweatshirt will run somewhere between $25-$45.

Tentative Itinerary

5:00 am (Central) Depart HTMS

8:45 (Eastern) Arrive at CNN Headquarters

190 Marietta St NW

Atlanta, GA 30303


9:00-9:50 Group 1

9:20-10:10 Group 2

9:40-10:30 Group 3

10:00-10:50 Group 4

11:00 (Eastern) Lunch at CNN Food Court

Groups may alternately eat/shop, depending on their tour departure times

11:50 (Eastern) Depart CNN for Fox Theatre

12:10 pm (Eastern) Arrive at Fox Theatre

660 Peachtree St NW

Atlanta, GA 3030

12:30 (Eastern) House doors open; take seats

1:00 (Eastern) Wicked

3:30 (Eastern) Depart Fox Theatre

4:00 (Eastern) Arrive at Arbor Place (I-20 exit 36)

6700 Douglas Blvd

Douglasville, GA 30135

4:45 (Eastern) Depart Arbor Place

6:15 (Central) Arrive at HTMS


Black Light Show Schedule

Below is the schedule for the parent shows. Tickets for students and adults are $3. Admission is free for children under 5.

WARNING: This show contains ghost stories and might not be appropriate for very young children.

· 1st and 3rd periods will be at 5:30; call time 5:10; roll call at 5:15 (for rubric points)

· 4th and 5th periods will be at 6:15; call time 5:55; roll call at 6:00 (for rubric points)

· 6th and 7th periods will be at 7:00; call time 6:40; roll call at 6:45 (for rubric points)

Because all 180 of my students will be performing back-to-back on that Monday evening, there are some things that you can do to help with the logistics of the night. Please drop your child off at the lunchroom and proceed to the lobby. You'll enter the auditorium from the lobby. At the end of the show, you'll exit the auditorium through the door at the front right, which will lead you into the 8th grade car line. Your child will meet you there. This one-way traffic flow will help decrease congestion when preparing for the next show.