Medieval Europe

By:Sara Stephens and Grace Wooten

Medieval Families in Europe

  • During the Middle Ages the life of one person was easily reflected to how his family status was.
  • The wife was property of the husband during marriage.
  • Those who were married or born into a rich family would have led a rich life.
  • Women were usually regarded less than men.
  • Segregation between men and women were also found in family life, like ill treatment wives received from their husbands.
  • Divorce was rare
  • As marriages were almost completely arranged, many parents would have tried to get their children to marry someone with a high status so that the family could have gotten the share of privileges
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Education in Medieval Europe

  • The main method of learning in the Middle Ages was memorizing
  • Reading, writing, and calculation was becoming a skill needed in governments, business and even agriculture
  • The basic education which was taught for elites was the seven Liberal Arts
  • The education people received were different from class, and education in schools was only open to the sons of high class
  • Education during childhood was very important, whether it was school or work. This was because people who learned during an early age would be able would be able to gain more experience and skill rather than a person who would start later.
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