cristina saralegui

Cristinas Early Life

Born on January 29,1948 in Havana Cuba, Cristina's Saralegui immigrated to the united states of america in 1960. Both of her parents are Cuban citizens , her grandfather Francisco Saralegui Arrizubieta emigrated to Cuba from Spain.Her grandmother Amalia Alvarez was born in Gijon. Cristina has two brothers, Patxi and inaki, as well two sisters, Vicky and Maria Eugenia. In 1982 Saralegui married to Marcos Avila, a former member of the Miami sound machine. Cristina's family two daughter, Stephanie Avila, Cristina Amalia Avila, and her one son Jon Marcos Avila.

culture of cristina /cuba/havana

Cristina Saralegui is from Cuba, Havana their culture is different from ours. Beans and rice is their daily diet , vegetables are very cheap in Cuba. Cubans eat more chicken and pork than meat.Cubans love a lot of sweet like their ice cream which they call "Copelia" which is the best ice cream in the Cuba. Tobacco and coffee are major industry's in Cuba
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how Cristina became famouos

Cristina Saralegui first went to this collage in Miami and learned about publishing business. She also was a staff of cosmopolitan en Espaol in 1973 and became the chief editor in 1979. Then she asked to be a host in the television in Univision Network of a talk show. She named her show el show de Cristina and her show debuted in 1989. She used her show to tackle controversial topics. After that her show got popular and she had won 11 Emmy awards. More then 100 people were rating her show that's how she got noticed .


Cristina Saralegui was a Cuban born American journalist, actress, and talk show woman. Cristina has 3 kids, two daughters and one son with her spouse Marco Avila. The show and herself became really famous. She became known by tackling controversial topics.