The American Dream

Money, Cars, Houses

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In my opinon the American dream is to have alot of money. Have a succesful career and get married. Many also want alot of cars and materalistic things

Scarlet Letter

Hester is lonely while her husband Roger is helping the sick in Africa. She finds herself in a sticky situation when the town accuses her of adultery.

The Great Gatsby

Daisy is enjoying her life with her husband Tom when her old lover Gatsby comes back into her life. While her cousin Nick is on Gatsby side, he learns dirt on Tom and Gatsby.

The Crucible

A couple curious teen girls go into the forest and summon spirits. When the town hears of this they go crazy and accusations get thrown around.

Raisin In The Sun

After the passing of their father, a family gets 10,000 dollars in insurance money. They fight about how the money should be spent while facing rasiscm issues.

The Death Of A Salesman

A old salesman starts going crazy when he can't do his job like he use to. His family is worried about him but also worried about their old lives. Will he crack under pressure?

Young GoodMan Brown

A Young man leaves his wife to go on a journey in the forest. According to the town the forrest is evil and is full of demonic things. How will he handle it?