2nd Amendment -By Vincent Lamonica

The 2nd Amendment gives people the right to bear arms

The second amendment

The second amendment does much more that just allow people to carry guns. The second amendment started a long time ago and was made for a purpose more than just allowing guns.

Started in colonial times

During colonial times Great Britain protected the colonies, once the colonies gained their independence, the colonists were willed frightened and suspicious of many things. This right was made to protect the new nation. The second amendment states many things that are basically saying that they give the people to carry and own guns for their protection and that this right cannot be limited.

-Many discussion came up about whether only the people of a militia should have use to a gun or individuals

- In 2008 the Supreme court ended this question

IN 2008 the supreme court supported the the view that the second amendment gives an individual the right to own a gun and may be used for protection and self-defense.

Ending off/conclusion

The second amendment was ratified in 1791, December 15. This amendment not only saved many lives back then, but is also saving lives now. This amendment is one of the most important and should be recognized as a great right for the people to have.

Vincent Lamonica