Scoutti Newsletter

30 December, 2012

We are up and running!

Early Version for Android Devices

We are glad to have you on board as part of our young and growing community.

As we announced previously this week, we've recently launched an early version of Scoutti for Android devices to receive preliminary feedback from users. You can check out the latest version at Scoutti - Google Play.

Currently, most of our users are from Israel, but the service is available worldwide. If you have an Android device you can start using Scoutti today and in less than a minute let other users know about places and events you are interested in while people at the scene could reply with photos. All you need to do is add a new request of what you desire to see. Please remember to help others by replying to their requests.

A Glimpse to Scoutti App

We need your help!


In order to increase Scoutti's effectiveness we are looking for communities that could benefit from our service as a powerful tool to improve communication and engagement between people in the community in a much more dynamic and visual way. We are currently targeting communities such as universities and municipalities and developing new features to make Scoutti more suitable for their needs.

If you are a member of one of these communities and want to be involved, or have suggestions of other communities, please tell us at


We are constantly making improvements and adding features based on users’ feedback. You are welcome to contribute to our efforts by sending suggestions and comments to You can also send feedback from any screen in Scoutti App using the Android Menu button.

Stay tuned...

We will release in the next few days several new features that include options for communities, a brand new home screen, uploading pictures from the phone's gallery and some enhancements to the app's loading time - remember to keep your app updated to fully enjoy Scoutti.

If you like our vision, tell your friends about us!

We are only starting and there’s much more to come. See you soon with more announcements and cool features.

Cheers and Happy New Year,

Scoutti Team