Get Over Here!

To Ivy Bound Math and Science That Is!

Our School Is Higher Then High-Tech!

Like skills, we have the computers to pay the bills! We have advanced equipment for the best students and the best learning. To add on to the excitement, we have smart-boards! Just think of the smart-board as a huge tablet. Don't forget about awesome school activities that you will never forget. When you come to Ivy Bound don't worry everyone you meet is a cool friend! To add on to the fun this is a small community school!

We Have...!

Get Over Here!

The school days start at eight a.m. to three-thirty p.m. from Monday to Thursday and from eight a.m. to twelve-fifty p.m. on Fridays!

Come to Ivy Bound Academy Math, Science and Technology!

If you want your child to succeed, then Ivy Bound Academy is the place for you! We are at 15355 Morrison Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.