About Track and Field

Addisyn Zeinemann

What kind of events can you do in Track?

There are many different options on what to do when it comes to track. I am only in 7th grade so there is not as many as there would be for a high school team. But for track the most common thing is races. You can either do 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m or 1600m. There is also hurdles. For this you can do 100m, 200m or 400m dash. My favorite is the relays. You can do 4 by 100m, 4 by 200m or 4 by 400m.

What kind of events can you do in Field?

My favorite events for field are shot put and long jump. Shot put is a 8 pound ball that you try to push it as far as you can. There is also high jump and discus. Discus is a small not exactly shaped frisbee and you try to throw it as far as you can.

What do some of the events look like?

What is the difference between Track and Cross Country?

Track is very different than Cross Country in many ways.

  • For starters Cross Country is longer distance than Track.
  • In Cross Country you can run almost anywhere but in Track you are limited to the Track
  • Only one event for guys and girls in Cross Country but in Track there are many different events
  • You usually run more than one event in Track per meet
  • Cross Country sometimes has hill

What is a meet?

A track meet is pretty much a game. You do your assigned events against a different team.