Welcome to Earth Science :)

By: Matthew Rizk

Earthquakes pbl

DQ: How can we as structual engineers design a two story house for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

In this project we had to create a house for Tony Stark. (Pretending as if his house broke because of an earthquake). We were given different types of items to use. We recieved popsicle sticks, string, and clay. We finished our house and we had achieved all the given instructions, so we went to Mrs. Chappas to test it. Our house lasted for about 10 seconds from Mrs. Chappas's "earthquake." Tony Stark's house in the end wasn't very stable.

Atmosphere 30 hands project

My 30 hands project

We had to answer questions on climate change and global warming. We recorded all our information and a lot of details. Also, we took videos of our self talking about everything we recorded. That is how our Atmosphere 30 hands project was.


Invention Convention

In this project we were supposed to bring in some recyclable stuff we have at home. We brought it so we can build or innovate things with our materials. The problem is that there is to much food waste and it harms climate and land. Our project solves the problem because it transfers foodwaste into gas for the windmill. It was very fun!!!

Extra Credit (favorite lab)

In my whole 6th grade year we had many fun labs. My favorite one was called the Milky Way lab. You would get a chocolate bar. Then you would push it down to show a Convergent boundary. Next you would pull them apart to show a Divergent boundary. Lastly, you would rub the 2 different parts together to create a Transform boundary. Lastly, my favorite part... you can eat your milky way bar.

Invention Convention images