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Military Connected Student Information

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Customer Service ⭐️

The Three P's of High-Quality Customer Service

Author: Brittany Hodak

Essentially, the 3 important qualities of customer service center around three “p”s: professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude. Although customer service varies from customer to customer, as long as you're following these guidelines, you're on the right track.

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Why do we want to know which students are military connected?

  • Utilizing the Military Compact as military dependent students are moving in/out
  • Having School Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) available to students, staff, and families
  • Providing extra social emotional support during deployments, TDY's, pcsing, etc.
  • Celebrating Month of the Military Child (April 2022)
  • Being a Purple Star School
  • Acquiring DODEA grants
  • Receiving Impact Aid Monies
  • plus more...

Housing for Military Families

Some military families are having a tough time finding housing; more so than any other year. We have families doing what they need to do, until they can get military housing or find housing in the local community.

When the school asks for verification using a bill or something that that states their physical address, we can also take an occupant’s handwritten note that the family is living with them and their address. Keep a google sheet to reverify with the families, in a couple of months, to see if the living situation has changed. If the family is moving off the military installation, they will need to reapply for an OAA the next school year.

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Got Records Requests?

We have a 10 day turnaround in getting records request back to the asking schools per the Military Compact. Georgia can help you with that, call (907) 452-2000 ext 11340 or text (907) 978-1737!

Upcoming Events for Families ❤️

Fort Wainwright, Eielson AFB, and Fairbanks North Star Borough School District

With the help of all our schools' staff, Fort Wainwright, Eielson AFB, and Fairbanks North Star Borough School District received the LTG (Ret) H.G. "Pete" Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award for the Resiliency and Readiness (R2): MIlitary Dependent Students are Ready to Learn! Thank you so much for all y'all do for all our students ❤️

Follow up with a welcome packet or welcome flip guide 🤗

New families hear A LOT of school information in a very short time frame. Typically, families leave the school remembering 10% of what was told to them. Best practice is to provide backup information with a welcome folder or flip chart with the important school information that they need to know, so they can go back, and refer to it : )

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DODEA E2P2 Program for high school students who has an active duty parent on Eielson AFB or Fort Wainwright

DODEA E2P2 Program

The Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program is an enrollment expansion authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act. Its purpose is to evaluate the feasibility and scalability of a permanent DVHS program after four years as well as assess the impact of the expanded enrollment on military and family readiness. The pilot is open to military-connected school districts that support remote installations and will supplement (not compete with) school districts and private programs. Students in this program may take up to two non-core courses per year (not a full-year program).

Eligibility Requirements for Participation

  • School-aged dependent of an active-duty member of the armed forces
  • Must be in grades 9 through 12
  • Ineligible to enroll in the DVHS program
  • Require supplementary courses to graduate in current state OR
  • Demonstrate a clear need to participate in the DVHS program

Purple Star Award

The Purple Star Award for military-friendly schools recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation's military. Schools that earn the award will receive a special Purple Star Recognition to display on site and spotlight on websites and school communications. AK DEED is giving all our schools an opportunity to earn a Purple Star Designation Award in April 2022.

Our hope, of course, is that all of our schools will look at the requirements and apply for the Purple Star Designation. To qualify, a school must complete all the required activities, plus one optional activity, listed below:

Required Activities

  1. The school has a Military Family Point of Contact (POC).
    1. The Military Family POC completes professional development related to military children and family care.
    2. The Military Family POC identifies and informs teachers of the military connected students in their classrooms and the considerations military families and students should receive.
    3. The Military Family POC is knowledgeable about the Military Interstate Compact.
  1. The school maintains a dedicated page on its school's website featuring resources for military families.
  2. The school has an active youth sponsorship club (welcoming committee).

Optional Activities
In addition to the requirements listed above, schools will be required to conduct at least one additional activity that demonstrates support of military children and families. These activities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Purple Star Schools Advisory Board. Examples of what those activities may be:

  • The school provides professional development for additional staff on special considerations for military students and families.
  • The local school board passes a resolution publicizing the school's support for military children and families.
  • The school hosts a military recognition event that demonstrates a military-friendly culture.

As the Military Student Support Coordinator, I will continue to be available to provide professional development, maintain a military student support webpage, and provide guidance on the Military Interstate Compact. My hope is that qualifying for the Purple Star will be a relatively easy but high priority action. The deadline to submit the application will be January 31, 2022. For more information, check out the Purple Star site.

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Got PBIS Training: CHAMPS/Discipline in the Secondary Classroom (DSC)?

If you would like PBIS training for your school staff, contact Georgia Sandgren, call (907) 452-2000 ext 11340!

5-10 min PBIS Tidbits

30-45 min CHAMPS/DSC Components

45 min Educator Military Culture Training

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Military Dependent Students Moving Out of Our School District Referral Form

To help get students ready to move on to their next military installation, parents can fill out the referral form, and it can get emailed to the Fort Wainwright School Liaison Officer,

~click on the link above to print out for families~

Therapy Animal Information 🦮

School Board Policy

CHAPTER 01 - (2) Policy Manual

Policy 181: Therapy Animals


Cross References

181 - AR 181: Therapy Animals

180 * - Policy 180: Service Animals

180 - AR 180: Service Animals

Adopted May 4, 2021

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District supports the appropriate use of therapy animals in our schools and classrooms for the benefit of our students’ wellbeing and education.

The School Board recognizes the numerous social, emotional, and educational benefits of working or visiting with a therapy animal such as lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety, higher academic achievement, and improved self-esteem.

The district will comply with all applicable laws and policies concerning the curricular use of therapy animals on district property, in classrooms, and at school functions.

Ms. Lorna Illingworth is available to speak to you on therapy animals ❤️ Her contact information is, (907) 388-9696 (texting is OK)