Stop Bullying

Lauren, Sabrina, Julia, & Brooke Period 3

Bullying Needs to End

Bullying has become a major issue in our society today. Bullying has gone from calling each other names, to rumors, to physical violence, and also cyber bullying. We need to acknowledge that bullying isn’t the answer to our problem. Parents, teachers, and other children everywhere need to take notice of bullying and prevent it.

Victims of Bullying

Kids who are bullied will start to feel different, alone, and sad. They will start to believe that they are powerless against their bullies. Children who are bullied have the risk of suicide, depression, psychosomatic symptoms, anxiety, running away from home, drug and alcohol abuse, and poor academic skills.

The Bully

When you start to bully, it is own the start of your own downfall. Bullies are most likely to take drugs, drink alcohol, drop out of school, and become a criminal. 60% of those who bully had at least one criminal conviction by the age of 24.