Seal Team 7 Debriefing

By: Kevin Donovan, Nikita Vanderheiden, and Wes Anderson

About Us

The pilot of the team was Kevin D. The pilot has to pilot the plane to the locations that the navigator chose. He also double checks the flight plan the navigator chose. He also helps select the relief supplies the team picks out. Nikita V. was the Navigator. The Navigator was in charge of planning out the safest and fastest route to the destination. Wes A. Was the loadmaster. The loadmaster plans out what we are going to bring, and how we pack it. We were all the Medical Officer. The medical officer's job was to pick out medical supplies needed for the mission. Our goal was to treat the most harmful diseases and give them lots of rice, eggs, and food seeds.


We sent what the people of Tacloban needed. We sent them 2 boxes of water, 2 boxes of food, 3 boxes of medical supplies, 2 boxes of clothing and blankets, a portable hospital, 2 portable latrines, 1 boxes of mosquito supplies, and 1 box of miscellaneous, all on three pallets. We also made it to Tacloban in 33 hr. and 6 mins. Our flight route was from Houston TX to LA Ontario, LA Ontario to Calgary Canada, Calgary Canada to Yakutat, Alaska, Yakutat Alaska to Ugolny Russia , Ugolny Russia to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky Airport, Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky Airport to Sendai Airport, Sendai Airport to Iki Airport, Iki Airport to Taiwan Airport, Taiwan Airport to Daniel Z Airport. We accomplished our goal because we sent them food, medical supplies, and mosquito spray.


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Weight & Volume

Our total weight is 14,550 lb and our total volume is 1536 Units.


The supplies we brought that directly addressed our goal were the medical supplies, the portable hospital, and the food. We wanted to treat diseases and give them food to survive on.


Chronological Order of Events: Research on Tacloban, Research on Diseases, Planned Flight Route, Stacked Pallets

Misconceptions: Our group thought that the C-130 Hercules could make the trip to an island in the Hawaii island chain, but couldn't make the flight due to the amount of fuel. We thought we were just going to drop stuff off but instead we had to do so much more.

Strategies: Wrong: Going to Hawaii Worked: Going to Canada, Russia, then the Philippines.

Tips: How to navigate Google Earth, how to work in a group, and to accept others ideas.


We accomplished our goal with getting supplies to the Philippines, and it changed us. First we delivered all the supplies to Tacloban in 33 hr. and 6 min. We tried to get there as fast as we could but we were not the fastest group, but the tragedy that these people must have gone through is heart breaking, it is also amazing how these people managed to survive and continue to live and function in their normal lives even after all they went through.