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An Accomplished Writer: Eric Pertnoy

About: Eric Pertnoy

Eric Pertnoy has worked in many different capacities as an engineering professional. Due to changes in the economy, Eric Pertnoy has sometimes been on the chopping block when a company downsized. However, Eric Pertnoy has always kept his professional demeanor and composure. His disappointment and sometimes anger have never been released in the office. Eric Pertnoy has always viewed these situations as small setbacks and opportunities in disguise. Eric Pertnoy is a professional through and through.

Eric Pertnoy is a Man You Can Trust

Eric Pertnoy is a man you can trust with just about anything. He is the type of person that you can tell your secrets to and he will honor that you have asked him to keep it confidential. Eric Pertnoy is also the kind of person from which you can get trustworthy advice. He does not just give you a rash answer to what you are asking, Eric Pertnoy actually things it through and gives you concrete answers.

Eric Pertnoy learned how to be a man you can trust from his favorite engineering professor in college. During office hours, his professor would sometimes recall his experiences in the military, and how the military taught him to be trustworthy, honest, and reliable. His professor talked about being trustworthy as a soldier for many reasons. Eric Pertnoy liked to think of himself as trustworthy as these soldiers his professor spoke of and aspired to be just that.

Now that Eric Pertnoy is raising a son, he is having the same conversations with him. He may have never joined the military like his professor did, but he has been in enough different situations to know when his trustworthy character has made a difference in his life. Eric Pertnoy has been trusted to keep confidential information in the workplace and while he sometimes felt uncomfortable doing it, he realized how important it was to uphold that trust.

Most importantly, Eric Pertnoy has a wife who can trust him no matter what happens. Without this trust in their relationship, they would not have made it through their first ten years of marriage. When you trust someone, you can relax and be yourself at all times. Eric Pertnoy has created this culture in his marriage and in his home. Eric Pertnoy will continue to reap the rewards of his trustworthy nature and in time will see his son mimicking that aspect of his personality.

Emergency Medical Technician Eric Pertnoy

When Eric Pertnoy turned eighteen years old, he completed the summer Emergency Medical Technician training class at the local community college. A few of his friends had done it the year before and now had flexible, well-paying jobs with hospitals or local ambulance agencies. Eric Pertnoy learned very quickly the importance of this work and was really looking forward to helping people.

After he enrolled in the class, Eric Pertnoy began to learn technical terms such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation. Along with learning the terms, he was learning the techniques to administer these procedures. Eric Pertnoy was also learning how to stop severe external bleeding, preventing shock in a patient and stabilizing a patient from movement to avoid further damage. Eric Pertnoy excelled in all aspects of the Emergency Medical Technician program.

However, as Eric Pertnoy began to think about performing these techniques on real people, he became fearful. He started to think about what he would do if someone went into shock or worse, if they died under his care. Eric Pertnoy voiced these concerns to his instructor and was glad for the advice from a veteran in this field.

The instructor was very blunt with Eric Pertnoy and acknowledged his fears. There was a good chance that someone could die in his care and that over time that would become easier to deal with. Eric Pertnoy and his instructor talked about actual experiences and how the instructor dealt with difficult scenarios. After these conversations Eric Pertnoy would go home and think hard about whether or not this field was for him. He always concluded the same thing after each talk – he wanted to help people and would have to take the risk. Eric Pertnoy knew that in the end it would be worth it both mentally and financially.

Animal Rescue Eric Pertnoy

Eric Pertnoy has been volunteering for the local animal rescue for the past couple of years. He loves cats and dogs, but in his small apartment he cannot have any pets of his own. In order to fulfill that void, Eric Pertnoy spends a weekend here and there at the local rescue. His efforts are so appreciated by those who manage the animal rescue.

While at the animal rescue, Eric Pertnoy pitches in by walking the dogs all through the park. Sometimes if the rescue is particularly busy during the week, the dogs have not been walked nearly enough. Eric Pertnoy arrives first thing in the morning and grabs as many leashes as he can manage. The dogs are so grateful to get outside and are jumping and barking in happiness. Eric Pertnoy lets them sniff everything imaginable and even lets them off-leash in the areas where they are allowed.

Another aspect of volunteering at the animal rescue is helping at the adoption events. Eric Pertnoy especially enjoys these events as he gets to help potential pet owners chose the perfect animal for their home. What he really loves to see are the small children choosing their first kitten or puppy to bring home with them. Eric Pertnoy teaches the new owners all about the animal they have chosen and how to properly care for it.

Occasionally, Eric Pertnoy will foster a cat or dog for the weekend at his home. While it is a small space, Eric Pertnoy can make an exception if it is only for a short period of time. The danger for him is getting too attached to the animals during these weekend stays. Someday, Eric Pertnoy wants to have a house of his own with a large fenced in yard that can hold a few dogs at a time. Eric Pertnoy would like to adopt a whole family from the animal rescue!

Eric Pertnoy and His College Experience

Eric Pertnoy did not come from a family who planned for when it was time for him to go college. They were not against college but simply did not have the means as he was growing up to save and plan for the future. Eric Pertnoy realized as he entered high school that he was going to need scholarships and loans in order to get the education he needed. Luckily, his high school guidance counselor helped him write award-winning essays and the scholarships started to line his college account.

By his senior year of high school, Eric Pertnoy was able to take a breath as he was accepted to his college of choice and had enough money to attend. He did not have to take out exorbitant amounts in student loans and knew that this meant an easier start to his adult life upon graduating. Eric Pertnoy was always a bit more mature than his peers as he really had to think and worry about all of these issues at such a young age.

Upon starting his freshman year of college, Eric Pertnoy was ready to be away from his family and home life. However, he knew he could never be as frivolous or wild as many of his friends and acquaintances. He had to maintain his grade point average to keep his scholarships and maintain a part-time job for his books or if he wanted to eat. To this day, though, Eric Pertnoy attributes his success as an adult to the fact that he had to take college more seriously than many of his friends.

Eric Pertnoy also learned early on about establishing relationships with college professors. They were the gatekeepers to even more importantly information than what they were teaching. Professors helped him get internships and paying positions within the college.

Eric Pertnoy Enjoys Baseball

As a young man, Eric Pertnoy almost always had a baseball mitt with him and was ready for a game. He started playing tee ball at five years old and his passion grew with age. During his elementary school years and into middle school, Eric Pertnoy could be seen inviting himself into games or playing on the little league teams. In high school, Eric Pertnoy played on his school’s team and enjoyed a fair bit of popularity due to his status on the team. Eric Pertnoy played short stop and was known for hitting grand slam homeruns when it mattered most. Eric Pertnoy attributes his love of the game to his passion for the New York Yankees and some of the stellar players who have played for them throughout history.

Eric Pertnoy now enjoys playing baseball on adult teams in his neighborhood. He feels it is not only a good physical outlet but a positive social one as well. Instead of always getting together with friends and eating and drinking, playing a baseball game forces everyone to be active. With obesity on the rise and people living more sedentary lifestyles than ever, organized sports for adults can be very positive. Eric Pertnoy has often been the captain of his baseball team and is known for his positive coaching style.

Now with a son of his own, Eric Pertnoy was shocked to discover that his son prefers lacrosse to baseball! Having never played lacrosse himself, Eric Pertnoy is at a bit of a loss when it comes to coaching his son at the sport. Still, he enjoys nothing more than watching his son excel at any game – even one that he himself doesn’t understand. After all, lacrosse is a great source of exercise, and involves many of the same strategic abilities required of baseball players.

Eric Pertnoy a Man Who Works Well with Others

Eric Pertnoy has been working in one way or another since he was a teenager. In almost all of his positions, he has been commended on his ability to work well with others. Eric Pertnoy has dealt with the angry cook in the restaurant, the hard-headed mechanic at the garage or the pompous VP of Marketing in a corporate monster. He knows people and how to deal well with them. This is not a skill to take lightly and has certainly helped Eric Pertnoy in is success as an adult in the business world and as an entrepreneur.

This is not to say that Eric Pertnoy is a push-over because he is not. Rather, he observes a person that he meets closely and learns quickly their strengths and weaknesses. This intuitiveness helps him categorize this person in society and in whatever role he or she may be fulfilling (colleague, employer, employee, acquaintance, etc.) Eric Pertnoy knows what kind of person he can push and what kind he has to watch as they are looking for any opportunity to lash out at him. This quality puts him head and shoulders above others as he is prepared for almost anything and not shocked by people’s outlandish behavior.

As a business owner himself, Eric Pertnoy has employees whose loyalty to him is extreme. This loyalty is due to the fact that not only does he work well with others, he knows how to build his employee’s strengths rather than dwell on their weaknesses. The employee inevitably feels good about his or herself and feels good about the work they are doing for him. Eric Pertnoy believes you can find something useful in almost everyone and is quite successful at bringing it out. We can all learn a lesson from Eric Pertnoy and how he works with others.

Eric Pertnoy a Persuasive Leader

Eric Pertnoy currently manages his own boutique product engineering firm in which he employs a few freelancers and consultants. It is amazing what can be learned from observing his leadership in action when conducting business meetings or simply having a conversation with his employees. Eric Pertnoy knows just how to persuade his subordinates and partners to do what they need to do, think of their own ideas, and be comfortable enough to share those concepts.

Specifically, Eric Pertnoy always makes eye contact when speaking to his employees. Eye contact is crucial in gaining a person’s trust and in your own evaluation of them. For example, if a person is unable to meet your eyes when talking to them, they are most likely hiding something or not telling you the truth. Eric Pertnoy can spot these issues a mile away because of his serious and professional nature. He can persuade his employees to do what he needs by his eye contact, and he can convey how serious the issue is as well.

Another way that Eric Pertnoy is a persuasive business leader is in the way that he always communicates clearly. Whether it is by email, phone or meeting, Eric Pertnoy’s messages are clear and concise. Employees, clients or partners never walk away from a conversation with him wondering what will happen next or what are they responsible for. Clear communication in all aspects of life is crucial and sometimes taken for granted. Eric Pertnoy always thinks through what he is going to say before he speaks, makes sure his electronic communication has the proper tone, and that he does not let his emotions get the best of him. Between his eye contact and clarity of communication, Eric Pertnoy ensures his success along with that of anyone who works with him.

A Man Who Stands Up for His Friends and Family: Eric Pertnoy

Eric Pertnoy, since he was a young child, has always had a fierce loyalty to those he called his friends and to his immediate family. There is no questioning when Eric Pertnoy is on your side. He is ready to stand up and fight for his friends and family at all times.

While growing up on not the best side of town, Eric Pertnoy’s younger brother was being picked on at school by a well-known bully. Each day, the bully was taking his brother’s lunch money and threatening him that he better not tell anyone about this daily routine. Eric Pertnoy and his younger brother were having a conversation one day and this information leaked out about the bully. Enraged, Eric Pertnoy assured his little brother that he would never have to give the bully this money again.

The next day at school, Eric Pertnoy approached this bully who was both older and much larger than him. He looked him straight in the eye and asked him why he was taking his brother’s lunch money. The bully was so shocked to be confronted that he fumbled for an answer. Eric Pertnoy waited patiently while the bully made up some lame story as to why he was terrifying this young boy each day. Eric Pertnoy asked him how he would like it if someone took something away from him each day that he needed. The bully mulled this over for a moment and agreed that he would not like it at all.

After what seemed to be a much longer than necessary conversation, the bully promised to never bother Eric Pertnoy and his little brother again. It seemed the bully just wanted some attention and appreciated that Eric Pertnoy took the time to talk with him. Because of Eric Pertnoy’s ability to stand up for his friends and family, this problem was solved in the very best way.

Tennis Coach Eric Pertnoy

Eric Pertnoy religiously watched tennis matches for years and years while he played on his high school and college tennis teams. He loved tennis. He loved everything about the game, but specifically he loved to play his own matches. Eric Pertnoy’s teammates would consistently tell him that he should become a coach because of his encouraging mannerisms and his ability to bring out the best in people. Eric Pertnoy was somewhat shocked by these suggestions as he wanted to simply play the game, not coach others to play it.

As time marched on, Eric Pertnoy was often asked by his own tennis coach to mentor new players who joined the team. Eric Pertnoy would take the players through the drills, introduce them to other players and find out what their strengths and weaknesses were. Eric Pertnoy would then present the results to the tennis coach and discuss strategies for the player. He was always able to see where a player needed improvement and how to capitalize on the strongest points in those same players. The coach appreciated his insight and encouraged him to continue working with the other players.

Finally, Eric Pertnoy admitted to himself that he was already doing and enjoying the job of a coach. Why not get paid to give this advice and mentor players younger than him? It was not as if he was getting any younger and he was not going to be a professional. He still got to play whenever he wanted and got the satisfaction of helping the other players. Eric Pertnoy learned to appreciate the art of coaching that season. He has been coaching ever since and proudly builds a strong team each season. Last year, Eric Pertnoy and his team were awarded tickets to see the US Open. It was a very exciting day for all.