gatling gun

this invetion was created in 1861

this weapon was created in 1861 by Doctor Richard Gatling. This weapon fires 200 rounds per minute and 50 rounds per second with how many rounds this weapon pumps out. It was created to help stop the war, but all it did was increase the death rate. This weapon has a tendency to gum up but that is an easy fix. This weapon was suppose to steric fear in the eyes of our enemies. This weapon is a hand driven crank to fire it but it is fairly easy to crank. This weapon comes in a 6 or 10 barrel style it is 7-7/8" in length, 3-3/4" in width 3-1/4" in height on a scale it is 1:16.

gatling gun

This weapon is very useful to our army's. This weapon can pump out 200 rounds a minute. The original purpose was to stop war but it completely reinvented the war by having a bigger and faster gun just made things worse. This invention was made for the U.S.A for the Civil War.


It occurred to me that if I could invent a machine - a gun - which could by its rapidity of fire, enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a large extent supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease [would] be greatly diminished

by Richard Gatling