DialComet Your Customers Dialed In

Effortless Booking of Empty Appointment Slots

How We Work In Four Easy Steps:

Step 1:

Use our software to build a standby list. This list will be used to fill up your empty time slots. The more people signed up, the less time you spend wondering what happened to your 11am and more time doing what you love.

Step 2:

You have some openings that you'd like to fill this week. So you create an offer that you would like to send to your customers in order to fill those empty time slots. You start a campaign using our in the cloud software. The Dial Comet system calls you, you record the offer – and you're done. You go back to running your business, its really that easy.

Step 3:

Our system then calls each customer that you hand selected, one by one, and presents them with your recorded offer. They are given the option to press 1 to accept and speak with you or 2 to decline this time.

Step 4:

It won’t take long before one of them accepts and is put through to you. You book them for the appointment. Voila! You only had to make one short recording and get back to all the other things you had to do and then, minutes later, accept the call from the interested customer. Appointment filled.

Only $89 A Month & No Contracts!

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