Stretch marks

Hope the Cream Works!!

I am a person who loves fashion. Fashion is something that gives me pleasure. But, in the wake of the journey of my life, my body had taken new pathways. It is with a reconditioned heart that I look at the lines. These pregnancy stretch marks are simply annoying. Whenever I take a shower or bath, I notice these marks. Though I feel blessed to give birth to a baby, but I really curse the stretch marks that have appeared into the body. I guess, these lines will forever remind me of the pregnancy days.

I hope I get rid of stretch marks soon. It is because of presence of stretch marks, I am unable to wear my favorite dresses. Well, though doctors and my relatives have recommended me to use stretch marks cream such as Dermology, yet I am not sure which treatment is effective? Well, while researching on the web; so many resources on pregnancy, birth, fitness, ‘beauty’, and puberty discuss stretch marks occurrences as well as ways to cover them up.

To my surprise, I found in an article, the problem of stretch marks is seen in around 90 percent women. I also got several remedies such as application of homemade oils etc. Homemade oils include olive oil, cocoa butter and Aloe Vera etc. Apart from home remedies, I have also found a remedy known as stretch mark laser removal.

Well, I have now joined my University again but I am still facing this issue. I don’t know when I will recover from this issue. As my doctor has recommended me to use Dermology, I am thinking to use this stretch mark removal cream to get rid of stretch marks.