Friday Wrap Up


Before you run for the hills... here are a few updates:

Due Dates and Reminders

Due Dates & Reminders:

Oct. 26th: C2 ILPs Due

Nov. 2nd: No Live Sessions this week to prepare for Quarter changes

Nov. 4th: End of Quarter 1

Nov. 5th: Quarter 2 Begins!

Nov. 5th -10th : Quarter 2 Strong Start Onboarding Begins

Nov. 13th: quarter 1 Work Records due to HLT

Test Site Coordinators (TSC) Needed

Insight is in need of additional Test Site Coordinators. Our team is required to provide one TSC volunteer who will work with a collective team to ensure our testing sites are organized and ready for our students to test. Responsibilities will be shared within the team of TSCs. Responsibilities will include tasks such as making phone calls, locating test sites, etc. If you would be willing to volunteer as a TSC please notify your HLT immediately. We would greatly appreciate your willingness.

School Site Council

Our amazing Director is looking for volunteers to serve on our school site councils.

The commitment to School Site Council is minimal – 2 hours for the entire school year! 1 time in November and then 1 time in March/April time frame.

If you are willing to volunteer, please fill out the nomination form found below.

Attendance Save Day

Don’t forget to save your attendance today! Please see your CL’s attendance directions for assistance, and remember not to click on anything but “Save”!! If you have any questions about attendance please let Melissa know. She is happy to do a 1/1 with you if you like help!

Content Pass Rates

You received the overall pass rates for your courses this week. Please make sure to

respond by COB Today with your plan of action for improving upon your current rates.

Here are some things to think about:

- Calling/mass emailing your students by grade band (start this week with 0-20%, for example)

- Kmailing/emailing missing assignment reminders (can be done en masse if you view your gradebook by assignment, then sort by grade)

- Begin offering incentives (attendance at tutoring = points toward the assignment, for example)

Strong Start Items

Welcome Notes:
Please remember to log Welcome notes for C2 Students. Please reference the steps below to correctly log these notes:
Big image



If you have any incomplete C1 ILPs, Please do the following:

Before recording the ILP:

· Documentation in PW shows several attempts at reaching/meeting families.

After recording the ILP please make sure to do the following:

· Kmail ILP recording to the family

· Document in TV/save as a note


Please pace yourself to get these done on time, and it is extremely important that you follow the steps below for proper documentation of your initial ILP:

For the ILP to process correctly, you must do TWO things after your conversation:

1. Create a note using the current quarter’s ILP TEMPLATE, and ATTACH THE PDF of the ILP (required EVERY quarter)

a. Enter your notes from the phone call in the body of the message

2. Kmail the ILP to the student using the SAME ILP TEMPLATE (attach PDF), and select “File this K-mail as a Note” (ONLY necessary Quarter 1 [or student’s first quarter with us] and Quarter 4)

a. Enter a “Thanks for speaking with me” message in the body of the kmail

Quarter 2 Course Setup

You have the green light to begin setting up your course(s) for Q2!! Please note the suggested schedule attached. This schedule is based on the Insight NOHS Master Doc of your setup tasks with the hopes of helping you pace the transition.

Quarter 2 Hangouts

Please remember to sign up for your Quarter 2 Hangout by next Friday 10/23/2015. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with ideas!

Intervention Program

Insight is rolling out an intervention program to help students with English Language Arts and Math! This is an amazing program for our students. Teachers and staff can make a referral at any time. Students may also take the initiative and refer themselves for extra support

With this new program there is required training. Please click on the link below and watch all 3 trainings. Let your HLT or director Supervisor know when you have completed this task.

Tuesday -10/27/2015- Department Meeting @ 9 AM