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September 27, 2021


Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

Last Tuesday, Varsity Volleyball made the drive to Genesee to win all of their games. Becca Weiss served 5 aces and had 25 assists. Addie Tresnak had a total of 9 kills. Lola Abromaitis also contributed to the win with 3 kills and 2 assists.

At Kingston, Varsity Volleyball had a really tough game. They ended up losing, but they were almost tied in every game. Both Becca Weiss and Addie Tresnak had a total of 4 digs each. Skylar Graham served 4 aces. Addie Tresnak also had 15 kills! Avery Grondin got 5 kills along with 2 blocks. Lola Abromaitis had a total of 4 kills. Along with the 4 digs, Becca Weiss also had 26 assists!

Varsity Cross Country

by Ava DeVlaminck

This past Saturday, the Varsity Cross Country Team fought hard due to the tough terrain and rough weather. That day at Linden, the course was one big mud puddle, so running this race was not only challenging but messy too. The results really prove how tough Dryden Cardinal runners are!

Aiden Fitchett competed on the course to achieve 2nd place and run a time of 18:42! Jackson Spencer ran 22:26 and Noah Hall ran 23:17. Both Matthew Livingston and Matthew Hickmott ran great as well! Livingston ran 31:41 and Hickmott ran 27:48. Great job to the boys team for placing 4th overall as a team!

On the girls' side, Audrey Napolitano ran 25:21, Lily Finnigan ran 28:06, and Ava DeVlaminck ran 28:21! Great job, ladies! This team runs at Shepherd this Saturday, good luck!

Varsity Football

by Nick Abromaitis

On Friday, September 24, the Dryden/Imlay City football team had their Homecoming game. They played Algonac High School and crushed them! We won 45-15! Let’s look at the stats of the game!

Christian Rojas had 2 touchdowns, following Julian Rojas with 3 touchdowns. Christian had 111 yards, and Julian had 101 yards. Lance Wolford had a touchdown, carrying 49 yards.

Jaya Forti and Christian Rojas won the Homecoming Queen and King!

Good job boys on your awesome win! Good luck next week at Armada High School!

Junior Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

This past week, JV Volleyball played very well. At Genesee, they won all three games. Lily Finnigan served a total of 17 aces! Isabella Weier ended the game with a total of 8 aces and 3 assists. Lily Finnigan got 5 kills. Mikayla Fleming also contributed to the win with a total of 4 kills. Ava DeVlaminck with a total of 4 blocks.

At the Kingston game, they lost the first and last game but played very well. Madison Maday served a total of 2 aces. Both Lily Finnigan and Ava DeVlaminck got 4 kills each. Isabella Weier had a total of 11 assists and Olivia Stickler got 6 assists.

Junior High Volleyball

by Audrey Napolitano

On Monday, Dryden’s junior high volleyball team had a successful game versus Genesee at home. They played a total of two matches with three sets each match.

The first set of the first game ended with 25-17, the second set ended with 25-11, and the last set of the first match ended with 15-10. During the second match’s first set the girls ended with 25-15, the second set ended with 25-9, and the final set ended with 15-6.

The junior high volleyball team continued their undefeated season with this win against Genesee. Their season record is 3-0. Great job with your winning game, girls!

Junior High Cross Country

by Ava DeVlaminck

Last Saturday, the Linden Classic race was the muddiest course many teams have ever been a part of. That being said, Nick Abromaitis ran an amazing race with a time of 19:38! Great job Nick and good luck at Shepherd this weekend!

Who's Hungry?

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Senior Seminar Speaker

Mr. Michael Rick, Michigan State University

by Ashley Hickmott

Michigan State University isn’t just football games and insane tailgates, it's a community that bleeds green and white. Michael Rick is an admissions counselor at MSU. He went over a decent amount of information, such as admissions, student life, and the campus itself, but he drilled three things in our heads.

One, make your essay stand out. Colleges see thousands of essays, so write an essay that they just can’t get out of their head. He also told us not to write an essay version of our resume, they already know that stuff, instead write how we would help MSU or something that colleges won't read every day. I thought this really important when he brought this up because it's not something people usually think about. They want to show themselves off but don’t realize that their resume already shows that. Instead, Michael suggested we should focus on one of those achievements and go into detail.

Number two, Michael Rick brought up how if we want to have the best experience at MSU, we should get active in the many clubs and organizations they have there. He also talked about the very fun-filled tailgates and football games, Michael said it was his absolute favorite thing to do on campus. I can definitely see that as I saw many tik toks and snapchats at MSU football games and they always looked like everyone was having the time of their lives.

Lastly, Michael Rick talked about how MSU is such a big school, yet the community and the class sizes make you feel comfortable and close with fellow students and teachers. At Dryden, it’s nice to have that relationship with teachers because I feel I can ask more questions and be walked through something if I need help, where in a bigger school I cannot. Overall, I think Michael did a great job at speaking and I can see myself applying to MSU as one of my reach schools.

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 27

JH Girls Volleyball @ Peck - bus departs @ 4:30 pm, 7/8 grade game @ 6:00 pm

Tuesday, September 28

Speaker - David Clayton (Families Against Narcotics) - 7:25 AM to 8:30 AM -Room 223

JV/Varsity Volleyball vs Deckerville - JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Wednesday, September 29


7/8 Grade Football @ Armada - bus departs @ 3:15 pm, game @ 4:30 pm

JH Volleyball @ Caseville - bus departs @ 3:45 pm, 7/8 grade game @ 6:00 pm

Thursday, September 30

Class of 2025 Prom Committee Meeting - 2:30 PM to 2:45 PM - Room 223

JV Football vs Armada @ 6:00 pm vs Armada

JV/Varsity Volleyball @ North Huron - bus departs @ 3:45 pm, JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Boys Basketball Open Gym - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM - High School Gym

Friday, October 1

Speaker - Northwood/Professional Comm - 7:25 AM to 8:30 AM -Room 223 (Czerwinski)

Varsity Football @ Armada - bus departs @ 5:00 pm - game @ 7:00 pm

Saturday, October 2

JH Cross Country @ Shepherd

Varsity Cross Country @ Shepherd Invite

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Random Student Spotlight

Gianni Coscione

by Lily Finnigan

Gianni is a seventh grader who has been at Dryden since preschool. At Dryden, Gianni plays football and basketball. His favorite thing about Dryden is how small it is. Outside of school, Gianni likes to hang out with his family. His dream career is to be a professional football player or a doctor. Gianni is looking forward to learning new things once he gets into high school, but after high school, he plans on getting a scholarship to a good school.

Harmony Owens

by Lily Finnigan

Harmony is a Senior who has been at Dryden since second grade. Her favorite thing about Dryden is the small class sizes. She says it is easier to get help if needed because there are less people. Outside of school, Harmony enjoys studying and working with animals. She owns turkeys, chickens, ducks, horses, goats, and a pig. Harmony’s dream career is horse rescue. She plans on taking in animals when they are seized from properties and getting them in good health for the rest of their lives. After high school, Harmony plans on working on horse farms to get more hands-on experience so she can pursue her dream career.

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