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St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - November 2017

Bottle Mufti Day

We have our Christmas Fair this Saturday from 1pm. Many thanks, in advance to all those who are helping out through the PTA on the day, look forward to seeing you all there.

Our last chocolate mufti day was a great success, tomorrow we have our bottle Mufti, a chance to wear non-uniform clothing in exchange for a lovely bottle for the bottle stall at the fair. Please make sure that the bottle is unopened and in date - many thanks.

We will have staff available near the gates to take bottles as they arrive with your child at school, this will help to prevent any breakages, and thanks for your generosity.

Our Mission

As we come to the end of this first wonderful term of the school year, and the sounds of Christmas Carols start to fill the air, we have been reflecting on our mission statement.

We love by God's Word and share His love through our school and our global family.

We respect and value the contribution that we each make throughout our journey.

We encourage every individual to be an inspired learner for life.

It has been so rewarding to hear the children talk about school. I sit with them for lunch once or twice a week, catch up on the news from Strictly Come Dancing and hear about the latest playground games. I also hear the tremendous joy that coming to school brings to them and how respectful and supportive the children are to one another. It's good assurance that our mission statement is still appropriate to our needs and is at the core of what the school community most values.

Our Mission calls us to think of our global family. Eleanor in Year 5 recently held a charity stall in the playground to raise funds for a charity that is very close to her family's heart, a charity which is supporting refugees in our own community who are escaping the war in Syria. Selling cakes to the large crowd that gathered has helped to support the refugee community. Amelia in Year 5 has recently cut off much of her long hair and donated it to a charity that supports people who have cancer and other illnesses and suffer hair loss, her hair going towards making a natural wig.

I'm grateful to Eleanor and Amelia for reminding us of this added dimension of our Mission statement, one which calls us to action, to service and to prayer.

Many of our pupils ask us about raising funds for charities, each week I receive a handful of requests in the post as well. We do need to favour, as a Catholic School, the charities of our own faith, like CAFOD, alongside ones which our own diocese and Bishop ask us to support. When fundraising we are mindful of the financial pressures on most families in these times of austerity. Moving forward, our School Council, co-ordinated by Mrs Martin, will have a subcommittee which reviews applications for service, action and charitable fundraising. If your child is interested in support for a particular project, please ask them to speak to their School Councillor. Where we have other charitable requests we are happy to support them through the newsletter, please see the entry below from Mark Krige, one of our parents.

Chaplaincy team Advent calendar

Advent begins this Sunday on the first Sunday in Advent. Our Chaplaincy Team, Co-ordinated by Mrs Scripps, have been busy creating an Advent Calendar for us, you can access it each day in Advent using the link below, please share this with your children.

Teaching for Mastery

We are continuing our work on Mastery with all our teachers observing a demo lesson in school with a local lead teacher from the London SW Maths Hub. Many teachers have now been on additional training events at conferences and at other schools. Mastery enables us to teach focussed areas of learning at greater depth. Many thanks to Mrs Martin and Miss Moore for their leadership in this area.
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Learning about Parliament

We were very busy in National Parliament Week, with all classes learning a little bit more about what goes on in both Houses. Our Year 6 pupils had a very informative visit to Parliament, they also enjoyed a very special packed lunch meeting with Paul Scully MP in one of the committee rooms. The children asked a range of questions, quite a lot of them to do with local life in North Cheam, from litter to noisy neighbours. We are very grateful to Mr Scully for his time with us that day and for arranging our special permit to tour Parliament.

The children had a fantastic week learning about different aspects of Parliament including the Queen. Year One discussed fairness and why it is important to be fair whilst year 2 explored the work of the suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison. The red carpet was rolled out for year 3 as they learnt more about the Queen; they were fascinated by the number of thrones she has! They also sang the national anthem. In year 4, the learnt about the voting system and staged their own vote with ballot boxes within their classes – what fun! Year 5 looked further into debating and voting which caused some excellent discussion. In year 6, they had a fantastic week learning about parliament which led on to a trip to the Houses of Parliament and a meeting with the local MP, Paul Scully. They researched and prepared their own debate on the issue surrounding animal welfare and zoos and battled it out in a very enthusiastic debate.

“I have enjoyed parliament week because it gets us into politics. When we are adults, we will have more decisions to make; learning about it gets us ready.” Thea R (St Max)

“In parliament week, we learnt about debating and parliament itself. It was very exciting because we have planned to have a debate which will take place in the hall. We learnt about what people in parliament do.” Peter C (St Teresa)

In the assembly that week I was hoping to show a short video for our KS2 pupils, sadly our laptop failed just as assembly began, so I have included the video in the newsletter today. Many thanks to Mrs Everton for co-ordinating Parliament Week for us.

Parenting - keeping your child safe online

Please find attached a link to an online magazine about internet safety, including articles on over sharenting and the current trend among teens and even younger children to share personal and indecent images online. Please check in with your child about your expectations for online behaviour and let them know that you are there for them in case of difficulty. Miss Moore and I are currently reviewing our Computing curriculum in school, examining and refreshing our resources for digital citizenship. With school and parent working together on online safety I hope that we can help our children to be sensible and well prepared digitial citizens.

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Winter Weather & Snow Closure Procedures

As we head from Autumn into Winter we would like to remind you about our procedures in case of severe weather.

We will always try to open the school, but we have to ensure that we can do so in a timely and safe manner.

Should poor weather set in during the school day we may aim for an early closure so that the school community can travel home safely.

In both instances, we will keep in contact with you through Parent Mail, please make sure that your contact information is up to date.

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World War II Experiences

Many thanks for all your support for our most recent curriculum days, dressing up and emersing our children in their topics helps us to deepen the learning experience. Year 6 recently came to school as evacuees and learnt first hand about the experience of one World War II survivor when Kitty came to visit.

On Wednesday 15th of November, the Year Sixes had a wonderful time being evacuees. When we got to school, we had to fill in our identity cards so the British Police knew that we are a British citizen. After we filled in our identity cards, we took a train journey to the hall where we had a workshop. When we were comfortably seated, we had to rush to safety to a shelter which kept us safe from the bombing. We were screaming our heads off! Then we found out from Joseph (the warden) that it was a false alarm. After that, Joseph picked Mikayla and Thomas to be assistant wardens. All of a sudden the real siren went off and smoke came out which set the real fire alarm off! When we came back in, there was a new person waiting for our arrival, Sargent Major Major. To finish our workshop off we sang a war song and learnt a dance.

After break, Mrs Kolendo taught us war time songs and fitted them together as one. In history, with Miss Fry, we learnt about propaganda and made some posters ourselves.

Then a visitor named Kitty came in and told us her experiences about being an evacuee. She taught us many things like Churchill didn’t want the air raid sirens to go off because he didn’t want Hitler to know that the V1 and V2’s were reaching Britain. She was the most inspiring person we’ve ever met! She was evacuated 3 times to Ipswich, Hastings and Blackpool. Her story was truly moving.

Soon after that, we tasted war time food. We enjoyed it very much. We tasted a variety of foods including biscuits, cakes, jelly, bread and potatoes. Which were all surprisingly very yummy.

We really enjoyed that day and wish we could do it again.

Sports News

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Year 5 Football

The Year 5 boys were invited to play Cheam Park Farm at the Sutton Utd pitch. At first everyone was worried as the other team’s players looked so much bigger and stronger than us. Just after the match began St. Cecilia’s scored! Max dribbled the ball through all the defenders then passed it to me, I took one touch and then smashed it at the goalie. It deflected off his knee and went in! Our celebration was wild as it was our first goal, less than 10 minutes after kick off. Soon afterwards Cheam Park Farm scored a lucky goal. It was a corner when the ball bounced off the post and rolled straight at their striker. He took a shot, it was going pretty high Travis jumped but couldn’t reach the ball. There was so much going one that the only sign of a goal was the roar of the Cheam Park Farm players.

At half time the score was still 1-1; we knew we had to step up our game. The third goal was ours, I was subbed when this happened. It was a St Cecilia’s corner. Max C took it and placed it perfectly. There was some sort of collision in the box, but in the end Alfie managed to score. After scoring that one we were pretty confident and had the courage to tackle the other team properly. As we were gaining confidence Cheam Park Farm scored. The striker hit the ball with all his strength, Travis made an unbelievable save by diving right into the bottom corner! It came off his hand and the striker hit it again. This time the ball went in! The score was 2-2 and only 15 minutes to go. The whole team’s hopes were very high and everyone was determined to score a goal. But instead of us scoring, Cheam Park Farm scored. The same powerful striker somehow made it past our defenders and scored with a very powerful shot that nobody could have saved…. 3-2. We did all we could. Then Max made an incredible run from our half, did some simple but effective skills then tapped the ball into the bottom corner. GOAL! 3-3 – we’d made a comeback. 5 minutes left. Would we score? Max C received the ball just outside the box and hammered it into the top corner. 4-3 ST. CECILIA’S WON! Our first victory for the school this year!

Netball news - two great matches!

On Thursday 9th of November, St Cecilia’s Primary School played a netball match against Brookfield Primary School.

Both schools played very well but it was a very intense game! St Cecilia’s won against Brookfield! The score was 7-0 for the A team and 1-0 for the B team.

The A team did very well at defending the ball and managed to keep it down our end of the court. Lola and Niamh were very accurate at shooting the ball in the net and used the space wisely. They interacted very well with each other to tell them who was going to shoot.

On the other hand, the B team also played very well and tried their hardest to keep the ball down our end. Our shooters Olivia, Lucy and Caitlin aimed and shot constantly but missed most times. Lucky for us, Olivia manged to get the ball in the net.

We want to say a big thank you to Mrs Sharp for attending our match and cheering us on! It was a big help! We are very proud of our team, and hope we can keep it up! Well done St Cecilia’s!!!

By Deanne and Caitlin

Unsafe parking

Please remember to park safely on local roads. A resident has approached me with a photo of cars blocking her road, I have advised her that it is not a school matter and that she should contact the police directly. Please ensure that residents can access their property, that footpaths are kept clear of vehicles and that emergency vehicles can make their way through if needed. As a Catholic school it is important to us that we show respect, care and concern for others, please help us to be a good neighbour.

Save the date - Sports Day 2018

Next year we will have a full day of sport at the David Weir Sports Centre for Years 1-6. Please make a note of the date in your diary - Friday 15th June, much earlier than usual but hopefully the weather will be better. We will have more news about this in January.

Best wishes for a peaceful Advent, see you at the fair,

Vince Burke

Head Teacher

Charity News from our Community

Children with Cancer Charity Football Match 2018

In March 2017 the dads of St. Cecilia’s put together a football team that took part in a charity football match that played another group of dads from another local school, to raise money and awareness for the Children with Cancer Charity. We may have lost the game but we raised over £3500 for this great charity.

We are planning to make this charity football match an annual event and are now planning our next match for 2018. We are therefore in need of recruiting some new players to join our team. Dads from all years are more than welcome to join in. So, if you enjoy a kick about, dust off your boots and please do contact me. The match will take place at Sutton United in May or June of next year, this will give us enough time to get some training sessions in at goals. Ideally, we are looking for 20 dads.

If anyone has any ideas of how we can make this year’s game even bigger and better than last years, or if your workplaces are able to sponsor the match or donate a raffle prize again please do let me know.

Thank you

Mark Krige - 07857 345 277

Dad of Annabel Year 2 and Annmarie Year 5

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