Miss Referente's Class Newsletter

Week of August 29-September 2

"Physical Me"

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week we talked about our faces and our bodies. We developed our gross motor skills by exercising parts of our body through movement and music and in our new Motor Lab. We looked at pictures of ourselves and our friends and described the color of our hair and eyes. We sorted who has what color hair and eyes and counted how many in each group. We introduced the vocabulary words “same” and “different”.

We introduced "Mat Man". He will help us build letters later on, but we talked about how he was made and his different body parts..."Two legs, two hands, etc."). We made our own Mat Man and discussed with the children the body parts they were glueing on. We also made a "color man". It was a great way to work on concepts such as colors, shapes, counting, fine motor, and communication.

We focused on parts of our body and put together puzzles of ourselves! We discussed where the legs and arms go and how puzzles are pieces, that when put together they make a whole!

We also worked on letter recognition and put together name puzzles. Some friends put their names together independently and some matched letters of their name. Then we said them all together while pointing at each letter. Practice at home!

We talked about placement words and using these words to describe where things are. We used manipulatives and objects to practice our positional words. We made a position book that we will have in our book center. We took pictures on the chair, under the table, in between the shelf and the table, etc. Then we asked friends to take turns using the vocabulary by directing their peers.

Finally, we made pancake faces, focusing on putting the correct parts of the face on with raisins and pretzels. We used the shake and pour pancakes and cooked them on the griddle. Friends loved to help shake the mixture and see the transformation of it cooking, turning from a liquid to a solid. They really enjoyed eating them, too!

The children have been enjoying our pretend kitchen. They are pretending to cook all kinds of things and serve food on the table! We will be turning it into a baby center. Friends will pretend to take care and feed pretend babies! If you have any pretend baby items you would like to donate, the kids would enjoy it!

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Books We Read:

Body Talk in Rhyme By Sharon MacDonald

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb By Al Perkins

White Rabbit's Color Book By Alan Baker

Dog's Colorful Day By Emma Dodd

Ideas For Home:

-Read, Read, Read!

-talk about parts of your body with your child

-play movement games using parts of your body (shake, shake, your arm...et.)

-make face pancakes at home

Dates to Remember:

Parent Coffee will be on Thursday, September 15 from 8:30-9:30 in the Multipurpose Room. The Plano Public Libraries will present “App Time”.

Thursday, September 22 – Beaty Family Picnic @ 11:15am, Eldorado Park

Have a great weekend!

Word of the Week:

Responsibility: To have ownership or authority; reliable; your job.
Mat Man Learn Body Awareness and preparation for writing

Giving Tree: (items we can use in the class that you may voluntarily donate)

  • Pretend Baby Items (bottles, clean baby food bottles, etc.)
  • 3 big containers of dried oatmeal for sensory table
  • pasta for sensory table
  • Vis-a-Vis Pens
  • paper plates
  • colored sand for sensory table
  • water beads for sensory table