Throw away the old playbook

The effect of technology on teaching and learning

Technology in the classroom

Students today have grown up in a digital world. To not incorporate technology into the classroom is doing an enormous disservice to the students and their learning. Kids are beginning to know more about technology at younger and younger ages. Why some teachers continue to ignore technology in their classrooms is a mystery.

Smarter Students

Technology is more than a neat tool to use in the classroom. Studies show that students learn better when they have many ways to approach the content. This report from US News and World Report shows the positive impact of technology in the classroom.

Putting it all Together

Blending Technology and Classroom Learning: Jessie Woolley-Wilson at TEDxRainier

Two Sides of the Coin

While technology cannot be ignored, I do not think that we should forget how learning used to happen. Cutting and pasting mean two very different things to two generations. One meaning is not better than another, and knowing how to cut and paste in technology is just as important as knowing how to cut and paste in real life. Just because students learn better with technology now, it does not mean that students learned poorly without technology when it wasn't an option. I believe it is important for teachers to know and understand both sides of the technology coin.

Re-writing the Playbook

Just because the playbook is outdated does not mean it is obsolete. To toss out the ideas and resources of previous teachers would be a huge mistake. However, it would be a mistake to continue on with the old playbook without revising and updating it. The "playbook" is living and evolving. We want what is best for our students, so we have to keep up with the technology. Ignoring technology is literally the worst thing you could do for your students. Embrace the technology, but don't be afraid to shut it off.