The Hunger Games

Enlightening, Driven, and Intimidating

Haymitch is enlightening because he has had experience in the Hunger Games and this will help Katniss or Peeta win. His wise survival skills and tools will help Katniss and Peeta.

Enlightning, Driven, and Intimidating


1. Before Peeta and Katniss won the Hunger Games, Haymitch was the only one who won in district 12.

2. When in the arena, Haymitch is nearly killed by a career tribute during the initial fight at the cornucopia.

3. Haymitch also loves to dish out advice to his tributes, our favourite being: "Here's some advice, stay alive." Talk about helpful.

4. Despite winning, Haymitch very nearly didn't make it out of his Hunger Games alive after he and the other remaining tribute were both gravely injured fighting.

5. Although Katniss and Haymitch don't seem to get on, he has faith in her and when she and Peeta originally enter the arena, he communicates with her by providing and withholding gifts from sponsors, rewarding her with broth for Peeta when she plays her part convincingly.

6. Haymitch chooses to help Katniss during the first Hunger Games, because he can only choose one to win. That said it's implied Peeta makes a deal with him saying he should help Katniss over him, which she rebounds in Catching Fire, saying this time it's his duty to help Peeta and not herself.

7. Haymitch is the only living winner in the Hunger Games.

8. Despite his heavy drinking in Catching Fire, it turns out Haymitch has been up to more behind the scenes than Katniss could ever imagine, leaving her as she enters the arena with a cryptic message, "Remember who the real enemy are..."