iPad Basics

Online Professional Development Session

Learning to Use Your iPad Efficiently

In this session, participants will learn tips and tricks to help make them more efficient when using their iPads.

Creating an Apple ID

In order to make the best use of your iPad you must first create an Apple ID so that you are able to download apps. We recommend that you create an Apple ID using your school email account and keep your professional downloads separate from your personal media. To create an account without attaching a credit card you can follow the steps linked here.
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Downloading Apps from the App Store

Finding Apps

If you already know the name of an app you would like to download you can search for the app in the upper right corner search box. If you are browsing to find apps for a specific skill, you could check out the categories. The screen shot below shows math apps for elementary school. Notice how they are categorized by different skills such as Measurement & Data, Shapes & Spatial Reasoning, etc.... The categories shown are only a portion of what is listed in the app store.

Some apps may be listed under iPhone apps, but they are still able to be downloaded and used on iPads. An example of this would be the Plickers app which allows you to quickly poll a class of students using only one teacher iPad and paper cards for voting.

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Screen Shots

To capture a screen shot on your device, hold down the main power button and the home button at the same time. This will take a picture of whatever is open on your screen and save it to the camera roll.
How to Screenshot with iPad & iPhone | TUTORIAL

Sending Photos from your iPad

This tutorial shows how to email photos from your device. You can use this method to send the photos to yourself so that you can access them on your computer or send them to others. When selecting photos from the Photos app, you may select more than one at a time before clicking the Share button. The mail server file size limit will determine how many pictures you can share in one email. If you have selected too many and your email will exceed the size limitation then the email icon will disappear from the options in the share window.
How do you attach photos or videos to emails on the iPhone or iPad?


One of the simple, built in ways to transfer photos and other media from your device to your computer is by using Airdrop. Watch the video below to learn how simple it is to use this feature.
Airdrop photos from iPhone/iPad to Mac

Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature that allows you to lock the iPad in to a single application. Teachers would set a 4 digit passcode (we recommend using your 4 digit phone extension) and the user would not be able to exit the app without this 4 digit code. Please do NOT leave guided access turned on when you are not using it or allow students to turn it on and set a code as it can be difficult to exit from if the code is forgotten.
Using Guided Access on the iPad

Short Cuts

Watch the video below to learn about the following shortcuts on your iPad:

  • Search
  • Split Keyboard
  • QR Code Readers
  • Rotate/Flip to Change
  • Special Keyboard Characters
  • iPad Music Timer
  • Screen shot
  • Recent apps / Closing apps
  • Creating folders/ Organization
  • Copy, Paste, Define, Replacing Text

iPad Tutorial: Shortcuts

Find My iPad

Have you ever misplaced your iPad or worried that it might be stolen? If so, the built in feature "Find My iPhone" allows you to track the location of your device so that you can retrieve it. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to enable this feature and track your iPad's location.
How to Find a Lost iPad Using Find My iPhone

Creating a Web Clip

A Web Clip is basically a short cut to a website added to the home screen of your device. It will open the Safari browser and take you straight to the linked site. Watch the video below to learn how to create a web clip AND how to adjust the image used as your icon to make it more appealing.
How To: Make Prettier Webclips in iOS

iOS 9 - What's New

Currently, the newest operating system available for iOS devices is 9.3.1 (as of April 2016). Watch the video below to learn about some of the great features available and how you can make your device more interactive while using this operating system.
New iOS 9 Update Features & Walkthrough - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

How to Earn Your Badge

In order to receive credit for completing this module you will need to read all the information above, watch the videos provided and review the linked webpages. As evidence that you have completed the tasks above, please provide the following to Danielle or Sue:

  • Screen shot of an app that you have downloaded to your iPad
  • Screen shot of a Web Clip that you have added to your iPad
  • Screen shot of a Folder that you created on your iPad

Email the screen shots from your iPad to Danielle or Sue and complete the quiz linked below to complete this module. Once all information has been received your badge will be added to your iPad.

iPad Basics Quiz