Third Grade Rocks

Folsom ES February 1st-5th

Need To Know


Next week we will be wrapping up our fractions unit. There are a few learning targets we will explore before we begin to review for the unit test. The unit test is scheduled for February 9th. Your student will spend time reviewing in class as the date gets closer. The learning targets for next week are:

*Compare fractions using pictorial representations, strip diagrams, number lines with same and different denominators.

* Compose and decompose a fraction (adding and subtraction of fractions) with same denominators

*Solve problems involving partitioning an object or a set of objects among two or more recipients using pictorial representations of fractions with the denominatos 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. For example, 2 children share 5 cookies.

Please continue to practice your multiplication facts! We are working with the 9s this week.

Composing and Decomposing Fractions
Let It Go Parody - Decompose
Fractions on a Number Line 3rd Grade Math Teaching Tutorial for Kids Third Grade


Ads, Commercials, debates, and news articles. What do all of these things have in common? Our next Unit on PERSUASIVE writing. We will start off our week learning the traits of this genre and how they are different that other forms of writing. We will use the mentor text I Wanna Iguana to help us learn how to write persuasive letters instead of just friendly letters. We will also be learning how commercials use persuasive writing and try our hand at writing our own persuasive commercials.

Our phonics focus will be on syllable junctures. Words such as diner and dinner, or super and supper. Doubling the consonate keeps the vowel short. This is related to doubling a final consonant of a short vowel word before adding a suffix.

For Grammar, we will be focusing on the importance of compound sentences and how to avoid that dreaded run on!

All students did an AMAZING job with publishing their poetry! Snaps to them all for their hard work. We all heard students reciting their master pieces throughout the day. They were so eager to share!

Intro To Persuasive Text using TV commercials


Weather, weather everywhere! This week students will be discovering how weather and climate are different things. They will investigate every day weather changes and which tools are best used to observe the weather.

Social Studies