Brandon Vieth


Norms are general rules that define behavior and help explain why people in a society or group behave similarly in similar circumstances. Norms for people our age are getting up in the morning, getting ready for school, showing up on time to class, and completing your school work. High School is a common norm shared by every young adult in our society. Another norm is having a job and completing the tasks related to that job. Everyone who wants to keep a job and support themselves is expected to get to work on time, work well with coworkers, and complete the duties daily for that job.

Personal Values

Values are ideas and items that people care about and take pride in their lives. One thing that I value a lot is my family. My family has always been there for me and has been a huge influence on my development. Another thing I value greatly is hard work. I Grew up on a farm and was taught by my parents at a young age that hard work is important. I value working hard and giving 100 % effort so I can complete any task and succeed at whatever I'm doing.

American Values

Three of the largest and some of the most important values to American people is democracy, freedom, and equality. Our country was founded on these principles and people expect to have freedoms such as freedom of religion and speech. They also value being equal and having the right to be a part of the nations government with a democracy. Some other aspects of our culture that Americans value are wealth, education, and leisure. Americans value the right to an education and being able to have the choice to study what they would like and to get the type of education or job that they would like. They also value being able to do what they please for leisure.

Diversity in America

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. America isn't home to one dominant culture and a wide variety of cultures are seen in all communities. America is extremely diverse in race, ethnicity, religion, and many more aspects. Since America is a democracy and was founded upon many basic freedoms, Americans have the right to create and practice culture in whatever form they would like. America doesn't even have an official language and multiple languages can be seen right in our community. Religion is also one of the great diversities in America. Our nation has hundreds of different religions across the country.