Tour of Africa

By Greycin Kim


Do you need to do something for the summer? Well come on by and take a trip to Africa where you can bungee jump on the Nile River, go hike up the atlas mountains, go explore the Sahara Desert, and even go to the easter highlands

Atlas Mountains

In the Atlas mountains you can hike up the many trails they offer, but be warned the atlas mountains trails are very hard with many steep steps but on the top the perfect view will be worth it. You can also try the many cuisines they offer at their restaurants with many comfortable hotels you sleep at.
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Sahara Desert

At the Sahara desert you can go on the many daring adventures, you can ride through with carts on the hills and you can also see how many camels pass through. But over there be careful because with the lack of water you can die easily.
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The Nile River

In the nile river you can bungee jump from high points if you are the daring adventurous type of person come on down to the nile river. You can also ride on the nile river with boats but beware there might be crocadiles.
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The eastern highlands

The eastern highlands is the greatest view anyone can find its had the perfect sunset for all of you picture takers. You can hike up the eastern highlands and look at the great dividing that has many beautiful trees covering it with a water fall
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