Hallway Handbill

Columbian Elementary - 4.18.16

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Columbian Milers

Students are already logging miles at recess and teachers are running after school. We need to up the ante. We need some great photos to post too. Dressing up as Forrest Gump? Students we cape? The more creative, the more attention we get, the better the chance of us winning new shoes!

The school that is selected to win the free shoes will be chosen by New Balance and is NOT based on miles ran. Remind students that we are running because it is good for us and we might get selected to get new shoes.

Summer School

Encourage students to attend and return their Summer School sign up sheets to the office. We want to be able to hire as many staff as possible. I will review numbers on April 28th to see how many teachers we will need. I will begin notifying staff at that point. Last year, we had to add teachers even during the first week of Summer School due to numbers.
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MAP Testing

Testing is going great so far! Thank you to everyone for being flexible and patient while these students are showing what they know.

Board Meeting Monday

If you are able to attend the board meeting here at Columbian on Monday at 6 pm, Lori and I would love to have you there. The Tiger Crew will be leading the pledge. We will be showing a video and presenting our school performance report to the board. It is not a requirement to be there though.

Translation Requests

Remember to allow ample Rosario time to get translations done. She gets 60% of the phone calls in the office. She doesn't want to let anyone down but we need to be respectful and get things to her at least a few days before you need them back.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, April 19: 4th grade begins MAP testing

Wednesday, April 20: 8:45 am 1st grade Field Trip to MSSU/Picnic; workroom copier reset

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, April 26: 8:45 am 3rd grade Field Trip to Springfield Nature Center

Wednesday, April 27: American Reading Company Meeting for 1st grade

Friday, April 29: 2 pm 3rd grade MAP Pizza Party; 2:30 pm 4th grade MAP Pizza Party

Monday, May 2: 4th grade Transition Meetings

Tuesday, May 3: 8:30 am 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade Track Meet @ MS; PTO provides lunch

Wednesday, May 4: GM Meetings (AM); Free Jeans Day; 1:30 pm Mural Reveal

Thursday, May 5: 8:45 am MS Counselors visit w/4th grade; 6 pm 4th grade Program

Friday, May 6: 4th grade Transition Meetings (AM); 1 pm K-1st grade Field Day @ Col


April: 1st Jennifer Cumming; 3rd Jacob Endicott; 8th Brandi Mojica; 9th Shea Conness; 14th Bobbi Castor; 28th Melissa Smith