Professional Development Day

PMEA District 7

Join us! Monday, October 9 at Ephrata Middle School

On-site registration will be available with current PMEA and/or PADESTA member card for the $40 member fee.

PMEA and/or PADESTA Members $40

Non-Members $75

Collegiate Members $15

Schedule at a Glance:

7 - 8 a.m. - Registration and Continental Breakfast

8 - 8:15 a.m. - Welcome

8:15 - 9 a.m. - Opening with Cocalikuimba

9:00 - 12:10 p.m. - Morning Sessions

12:10 - 1:00 p.m. - Lunch - provided in cafeteria

1:00 - 3:30 p.m. - Afternoon sessions


Peggy Dettwiler - Mansfield University

Travis Weller - Messiah College

Angela Guerriero - West Chester University

Anne Stuart - Millersville University

Robert Gillespie - Ohio State University

Reading Sessions for Band, Choir, and Orchestra - All levels

* Act 48 credit will be available

* Bring your instrument for sessions - see descriptions.

Sponsors: PADESTA, Menchey Music, J.W. Pepper, Hal Leonard, and Losers Music Store

Register online here......Deadline September 30


Participants may choose sessions from any track throughout the day.

Special Performance by Cocalikuimba African Dance & Drum Ensemble

Cocalico School District’s African dance and drumming ensemble Cocalikuimba is proud to bring our community a Traditional West African dance and drumming program. The program features West African singing, dancing and drumming as would be performed traditionally in the villages of Ghana and Guinea. All music and dancing is learned aurally and visually. The instruments are authentic to traditional West African music and are mostly handmade. The main instruments are the Djembe, Gonkogui, Shekere, and Dununs. The traditional costumes worn are handmade in Guinea, West Africa.
The performers are 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at Cocalico Middle School in Denver, PA. The students pride themselves in providing a program that is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Each student has gained extensive knowledge about this vibrant culture through its music and dance and hopes to share that knowledge through the performance.

Headliner Presenters

Hands on learning

Amanda Narehood presents

West African Drum and Dance: Play it, Shake it, Teach it!

This session will provide participants with materials, techniques and resources, including live demonstrations, to teach West African Drum and Dance in the classroom and ensemble settings. Participants should be ready to drum and dance!

Elementary Instrumental

Timothy Bupp presents

Maximizing Time With Your Beginning Musicians

With time of the essence in the beginning band and orchestra lesson, unearth a new way of approaching your teaching. Learn how you can teach proactively, make connections and learn EVERYTHING a piece has to offer while empowering
your students to become lifelong musicians.

Be Part of the Music!

Be Part of the Music is a revolutionary method that aims to give band and orchestra directors high quality tools to help attract as many students as possible to their programs. With limited time and dwindling resources, it's getting harder to effectively and efficiently communicate to students and parents what we already know: Music Is A Life Changing Activity! Be Part of the Music has the answers you are looking for!

Elementary Band Reading Session

Please bring a band instrument!


Dan Beal presents iPads in the Elementary Music Room

This presentation will introduce and/or reinforce all the ways that iPad apps can enhance an elementary music curriculum. Several categories of music apps will be demonstrated and discussed, such as creating music apps, music theory apps, ear training apps, and a great number of instrumental apps. Other apps that will be discussed are teacher apps for classroom organization, saving and exporting student work, creating a YouTube account for your classroom seamlessly with the YouTube app, and apps that allow you to record your students singing and performing. Audio and video examples of iPads in action will be provided as well, and there will be a comprehensive handout.

Young Composers Night - An All iPad Concert Event for Your Students

Young Composers Night is an all iPad concert event that occurs twice a year at my building. This 6 week process consists of students creating a song on iPads using GarageBand, learning how to play iPad instruments, and in concert, sharing their song and playing along with their iPad instrument simultaneously. This experience allows students to become composers as they make decisions about instrumentation, genre, texture, tempo, key, special FX, and program notes. They also learn how to play iPad instruments and discover their musical identity through improvisation. In this session, I will go over all the details of how to create an event like this and make it happen at your school. This presentation will go into more detail of how to use the GarageBand app for iPad. Audio and video examples will be shown, and there will be a comprehensive handout.


Drue Bullington presents User-Friendly Ukulele

The Ukulele is able to be seamlessly integrated into your elementary, middle or high school classroom fitting hand-in-glove with the approaches and curricula already at play there. Everyone is a little bit happier with a ukulele in their hands!

How fast and easy is it for students to go from holding a ukulele for the first time to strumming chords and singing? How about playing melodies? Reading tablature? Improvising? Accompanying other instruments and singers? Great questions! In this workshop, you’ll quickly see how the Ukulele brings new levels of interest and excitement to your music classes.

Reaching Students With Special Needs

Dr. Angela Guerriero presents Access to Music Learning: Keys to Meaningful Inclusion

Meaningful music curricula, instruction, and materials can be designed to be as accessible as possible for students with IEPs, and implemented in the inclusive music classroom for the benefit of all students. Participants in this session will come away with methods to include students with IEPs in their music classroom, including ways to use Universal Design when writing lessons, designing flexible lesson plans, and adapting to meet students’ needs.

Teaching Students with IEPs in the Music Classroom: Tools for Educators

This session is designed for music educators to learn about decoding an IEP, creating appropriate strategies for the inclusive music classroom, and about where to go for help regarding teaching music to students with IEPs. The history and philosophy of inclusive music education will be discussed. Students with IEPs may be included in any setting from general music to performance classes. Become more aware of the disabilities that may be present in these music classrooms, learn to justify adapting lessons, and come with questions!


The Choral Rehearsal: Process to Product

Peggy Dettwiler

Successful performances are grounded in a creative, yet systematic, rehearsal process that builds confidence through vocal development, musical knowledge, and security in musical performance. The process should involve layers of learning centered upon the elements of music: rhythm, pitch, harmony, texture, and tone color, combined with articulation, dynamics, and cultural understanding. The workshop will focus on specific concepts related to each musical selection and will demonstrate rehearsal techniques that define an efficient and effective rehearsal process resulting in a musical product that is grounded in healthy vocal technique and musical understanding.

High School Choral Reading Session

One of the most important tasks for choral conductors is selecting repertoire for their choral ensembles. The vast amount of repertoire combined with numerous considerations for selecting a program may seem at times to be an overwhelming task.
Conductors need to thoughtfully review all selections under consideration to include a variety of styles, tempi, and key centers in order to increase the aesthetic experience and maintain the interest in every rehearsal and performance. This session will offer a variety of repertoire selections for SATB choirs with pedagogical goals in mind.

Reading Sessions
Unison/2 part (Elementary or Young Choirs) - Judtih Shepler

Middle School - Stephanie Magaro
High School - Peggy Dettwiler


Informing, Inspiring, Engaging............

Paul Fox presents Transitioning Tips to a Happy and Meaningful Retirement

The presentation is an overview of research and strategies for transitioning the sometimes-bumpy passage from full-time work to a happy, healthy, and meaningful retirement, coping with life-style changes/altered expectations, and finding creative new ways to self-reinvent and thrive. We will explore ways to find meaning and the three BASIC NEEDS that work fulfills and which are essential to retirement: purpose, community, and structure. This session is for retired, retiring, soon-to-retire, and other music teachers who want to achieve purpose, satisfaction, and peace-of-mind throughout their post-employment years.

By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn. - Latin Proverb


Rob Shaubach presents Trading Reeds for Rosin: Teaching Orchestra as a String "Foreigner"

This session is designed for those with little or no experience in stringed instrument performance and pedagogy who find themselves teaching string classes and conducting orchestras. Strategies, insights, and discoveries to help you thrive in unfamiliar territory will be presented by a twenty-year veteran of string teaching who did not major (or minor!) in a string instrument.

Bill Powers presents "Recruitment + Method + Retention = Success!"

Combining positive recruiting, effective methodology, and successful retention strategies can lead to a rewarding experience for all shareholders.

Justin Presley presents The Basics of MARCHING (Band)

This session will concentrate on the marching aspect of marching band. Concepts covered will include marching fundamentals (posture, technique, movement), drill design, and cleaning drill.


More to come...............!