Ky's Marvelash Update!

Elite Orange Presenter for Younique

Thank YOU For Making This Possible!

Hi all! I've been meaning to send this newsletter since I started in April - that's how busy the last few months have been. I wanted to offer a huge THANK YOU to all who have tried our amazing 3D Fiberlash mascara and other great products from Younique, those who have hosted, and those who have held fundraisers. In April, I signed up thinking I could get free makeup and maybe sell a couple myself. Five months later, I have 229 people on my team, we have sold more than $60,000.00 in retail this month alone, and I have hit "Elite" status - the second highest title in the company!

I am up for a HUGE end of the month promotion, so if you've been wanting to try the product or get a referral link for FREE mascara, now is the time to do it! Every little bit helps me to reach my goal! THANK YOU!!! xoxo,