Zac Brewer

By: Kendel Worley

His Career

- His debut book was 8th Grade Bites, the first book in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

- Afterwards he wrote a spin-off series called The Slayer Chronicles.

- His third book was The Legacy of Tril, there is a second book due to come out in 2017

- The Ghost of Ben Hargrove, a short story, was the last book he wrote before switching editors.

- The first book written with his new editor was The Cemetery Boys.

- The Blood Between Us will come out on May 3rd of this year.

His Trasnition

- Eight years ago he realized he wasn't the girl everyone believed him to be.

- Three years ago, he told his husband and children who he really was. They instantly accepted him and viewed him as who he was meant to be.

- He came out on YouTube as transgender on June 29, 2015.

- He hes been taking testosterone for 8 months. His voice has been deepening and more facial hair has appeared.

His Physical and Mental Journey

- Zac suffers from severe depression, anxiety, and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

- Many people believe that all medication will only worsen a person's condition, but for Zac it has made his mental illness much easier to cope with.

- He has suffered from two life threatening DTV's (deep-vein thrombosis), and is still suffering from one.

- Although, he is dealing with all these illnesses he continues to stand strong from the love and encouragement given to him from his fans and loved ones.

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