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AIESEC in KIIT University


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The Delivery Team was formed with members consisting of every department of the LC for working as a supportive team for the incoming interns. This team has put up a lot of efforts all together to make the stay and experience of the interns really awesome, taking them for long trips to Kolkata,Puri and also helping them with their daily needs and hangout sessions. Delivery Team is solely responsible for getting a good feedback during the stay of the interns here. KUDOS to you all !
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One of the greatest and proud moments this LC experienced was after hosting its August Local Congress from 7th August to 9th August 2015. Congratulations to the EB for the successful delivery. ALC has helped the LC in many ways. From members getting connected to the entity, to its members increasing their AIESEC knowledge. This conference had a huge impact on the members and the entity as a whole.
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Global Village is AIESEC's most celebrated cultural exchange event where students get a platform to interact with interns from all over the world. This event was one of the successful events hosted by AIESEC in KIIT University on 16th August 2015. More than 500 people showed up for the event which enriched thoughts for everybody regarding various countries. This event helped people having a glimpse of various countries and why you should go and visit them. This event impacted the students of KISS through the closing ceremony.
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Read with Ravinder Campaign

This event was made successful in synergy with Business Development and Walking Book Fairs. The trending romantic author Ravinder Singh had his moments shared regarding his life story and his books. Huge number of readers and fans made this event crazy.


Tighten your seat belts and get ready for one of the most exciting rides of the year as you strive with best efforts to be the LEGEND of the Local Committee.

And the BEST Things of the past week happening to the people of the Local Committee are -

  • He went home after nine months and got a smile on his mothers face and reconnected to his native place - Amartya Das
  • They went on an appointment, got raises but most importantly created an impact on the client as he mentioned we are working on the right causes for the right purpose - Shashank Saxena and Anamika Sarkar
  • He got emotional while taking up a meeting with his team and got a feedback that he was the best TL his members could have had - Pranjal Singh
  • She spoke to EB members and is now boosted up to apply for the EB Applications - Sanjana Satpathy
  • He went on an appointment for his portfolio and in the end moved out with 4 raises on paper - Sayan Biswas
  • He visited a home for the diffrently abled in Cuttack through Prayash - Rahul Patnaik

We're looking forward to more of these happy moments :)

Best of Luck to the candidates for the office of Local Committee President 2016

The whole LC congrats you for taking the brave step for applying for the post of LCP of AIESEC in KIIT University. We wish you all the best for the same.