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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ October 19

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Virtual School ~ Real Learning

We knew that the 2020-21 school year was going to throw some wild curveballs at us. None of us expected that we would only get one week of hybrid learning before returning to virtual. Why virtual? Please see our district's learning model dashboard (link here) which includes the community health numbers from Friday. You might also refer to the information from the South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department's October 16 briefing (link here).

The bottom line is this: South Milwaukee added 76 new COVID-19 cases in the week between October 9th and 16th. We need to work together as a community in order to have our schools open. Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance.

In the meantime, our teachers will continue their instruction virtually, according to the information in this newsletter.

Daily Schedule & Zoom Links

• Starting on Tuesday, October 20th, 5K through 5th grade will have school from 8:30-2:30. These virtual school hours are the same hours as our hybrid hours last week. We plan to keep these hours consistent so that any future transitions between hybrid and virtual are as seamless as possible. 4K will remain from 8:30-11:00 and 12:00-2:30. These schedules will be for Monday through Thursday each week, no matter if we are in "hybrid" or "virtual" in the future.

• To provide consistency as we flow between hybrid and virtual formats in the future, all Fridays will now be "asynchronous" days, meaning that teachers will post work on SeeSaw/Google Classroom for Fridays that students must complete, but are to complete at their own pace. This is a change from past practice, and it starts this Friday, October 23rd.

• With a consistent weekly schedule, students and families will have a schedule that they can depend on when pivoting between models, we can ensure screen time is more manageable, time can be dedicated to intentional collaborative planning, and we can provide opportunities for students to connect with teachers, paraprofessionals, and specialists via office hours in order to meet the needs of our students during this challenging time.

• In the previous version of virtual learning, students were on and off their Zoom links throughout the day. This time, we will keep students online more consistently without the large "gaps" that existed previously. However, we will balance high-quality instruction with screen breaks. Your child's teacher will provide more details about the daily schedule.

• Zoom links cannot be posted on our website anymore. They are found either in the teacher's SeeSaw or Google Classroom (since these are both password-protected places). The office is no longer able to help you with this, so please connect with your child's teacher if you need help.

• South Milwaukee will remain virtual until at least October 30. Please stay tuned for updates.

Materials in Classrooms

If you have discovered that your child needs something from his/her classroom, you can stop at the office between 2:30 and 4:00 to pick it up. Please email your child's teacher and the teacher will gather the item(s), place a note with it, and place it on a table for easy retrieval once you arrive.

Depending on the community health data, we will decide if another large materials pickup for all students is necessary or not. Please stay tuned.

Break Times for Each Grade

Students should be online from 8:30-2:30 except for the following break times. These are the times that teachers will set timers and students should mute microphones and cameras while students walk away, eat a snack, and get some exercise before returning to learning!

4K - Ms. Maes will inform families

5K break times


11:10-11:50 (lunch)


1st grade break times


11:25-12:05 (lunch)


2nd grade break times


11:40-12:20 (lunch)


3rd grade break times


11:10-11:50 (lunch)


4th grade break times


11:40-12:20 (lunch)


5th grade break times


11:25-12:05 (lunch)


Attendance is Mandatory - including during Virtual Learning

We know this was an unexpected change, but attendance will be enforced according to district policy. We provided some "wiggle room" for families at the beginning of the year due to technology issues and getting used to schedules, but we need all students online with us every day. We hope our consistent 8:30-2:30 schedule helps this as well.

If your child is ill, you may call them in sick as in the past. Families can only excuse 10 days per school year. If your child has a longer-term illness, he/she should have a note from the doctor or health department excusing them from school. If your child does not show up and stay online with the teacher, he/she will be considered "absent". Lakeview will be sending letters to families whose students have been excessively absent or truant.

SM Rec Dept Virtual Day Camp

If you need day camp for your child during Virtual Instruction, the South Milwaukee Recreation Department will again offer a Virtual Learning Support Camp to aid families of 5K – 5th grade students during the virtual learning period. Click here for information and registration. Registration starts NOW!

Lakeview PTO Spirit Wear

Last week, the PTO sent home forms for a Lakeview Spirit Wear sale. Those forms are due October 30. You can either bring the form and a check to the office - OR - you can order the same spirit wear directly from Styled Aesthetic by clicking this link! Go Lions and thank you, PTO!

Meal info for this week

Student Meals for the week of October 19th will be available as follows:

Monday 11:30am - 1:00pm Pickup at High School Door 29 (Monday Lunch)

Monday 4:00pm - 5:00pm Pickup at High School Door 29 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday meals)

Thursday 4:00pm - 5:00pm Pickup at High School Door 29 (Friday and Monday meals)

More information will be provided next week with regards to meals during the week of October 26th.

Where do I find more information?

All of the district's communications, safety info, and FAQ's may be found on the district website on the Fall 2020 page (click here).