Let's have fun

We're going to have fun!!!!!!

Hey girls! I would like to have a sleepover with you guys. So I have decided to host one. It would be fun sleepover. The picture is of me!


Saturday, Jan. 10th 2015 at 5:30pm-10:30am

205 Burlage Cir

Chapel Hill, NC

Right by Phillips Middle School were I go to school. You go by there and keep going straight till you see the sign that says "Burlage Circle" then turn there. We are the 2nd house on the left hand side. It is made out of bricks.
5:30 pm you arrive

6:00 pm get settled in

6:30 pm we make dinner

7:30 pm bake a cake or watch a movie

9:30 pm head into my room and go to bed (not really) :)

I like dogs