Review "I Cans" to Outcomes"

GOOGLE ACCOUNT Reminders and Videos

You need your google account to work on the spreadsheets this year and next year as we move to Standard-based Grading/ Reporting.

Your username is your email address ending in .net instead of .com and your password is B35DIL61 (unless you changed it already).

Main SI Activity Today!

This will take us awhile to complete.

  • Are we going to have "I Cans and Outcomes" for all the standards? NO
  • Can we have "I Cans that we do not assess?" NO
  • Do I delete the standards I will not use?" NO, just fill in the I Can & Outcome columns for the standards you want to assess.
1. Login to your account.


3. Open you school's folder and then open your spreadsheet you will work on today.

I Can Statements Hints

  • Keep to 70 Characters. (So it fits into PowerSchool)
  • Exclude the words "I Can". We will put that on top of the form.

ISBE Updates on Standards and Assessments

The classroom assessments are resources to help teachers determine local performance expectations for the Illinois Learning Standards at each grade level. Each assessment includes:

· Performance Standard: description of the performance to be assessed.

· Assessment Procedures: step-by-step directions for administering the assessment.

· Evaluation Procedures: evaluating evidence that the student work meets the criteria stated in the rubric.

· Rubric: criteria for evaluating student work and determining the levels of performance.

· Student Work: examples of student work validated by educators at the “meets” and “exceeds” performance levels.