Technology's effect on the world

Technology in classrooms

For the first time in twelve years of school I was given the opportunity to use a laptop in class for school work. I feel it has changed the whole aspect of school. Instead of writing on paper students can type up a essay, turn it in, and not even be in the class. Although this can be a huge benefit for the student, it adds alot of reponsibility also.

Weekend without technology

What are the pros and cons of technology? I wanted to find out, so one weekend I went technology free. Technology free, meaning three days without any technology- no smart phone, television or internet. It was a very long weekend! You do not realize how dependent you are on technology until you don't have it. Being without technology did make me slow down and really pay attention to the things I was doing. I appreciated the little things in life more. On the other hand, I felt detached from the world. I felt like I was missing out on important information.

Examples Of Technology Below

Technology Surveys


This is a public survey that was taken online.

Personal Survey

''The computers help me stay focused on my school work." -Anonymous student

''It feels like the roles have changed, and we are teaching the teachers."- Anonymous student

''They (computers) put more responsibility on us which will prepare us for college."- Anonymous student