Dahlia Huh

for Student Member on the Board of Education

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I Support:

  • The recommended FY 2014-2015 Operating Budget

  • Less testing/More teaching

  • Hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes

  • Cell Phone Rights for Middle Schools – the right for middle school students to have the same rights as their high school counterparts

  • Open lunch

  • Wider variety of classes and electives

  • Funding for the Free and Reduced-Price Meals (FARMS) Program

  • Magnet, IB, and Edison Program Funding

  • Magnet Busing and other special programs (consortia, etc.)

  • Closing the Achievement Gap with real and lasting solutions

  • Exploration of reinstating Driver’s Education as an elective

  • Increasing student involvement in policy decisions

  • Prioritizing Capital Improvements and School Modernization by supporting Dr. Starr’s recommended Plan

  • Finding ways to improving school lunch quality

  • Expanding SMOB Voting Rights

  • Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Education

  • Curriculum 2.0

  • Financially wise Green Initiatives

  • Efficient bus route coordination

  • Removing lead pipes and asbestos in schools

  • Further investigating of the Bell Times Recommendation

  • Outdoor Education funding

  • Reform to the Capital Improvement and school modernization process

  • Better reporting practices for incidences of bullying

  • Educating students on their rights as deemed by the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

  • Teacher evaluations with student input

  • Creating a system to expedite the creation of Varsity-level sports

  • An increased cost of living adjustment (COLA) for teacher salaries

  • Individualizes Education Program (IEP) and 504 program for Special Needs students

  • Retaining and rewarding world-class teachers

  • A student’s right to select and drop classes

I Oppose:

  • Increasing class sizes

  • Interlacing test scores with teacher performance

  • Additional graduation requirements

  • Wasteful spending and bureaucracy at the administrative level

  • Cuts in Arts/Drama/Music and Technology classes

  • Cuts in after-school programs and activity buses

  • Cuts in Athletics

  • Random hall sweeps

  • Fully replacing regular classes with only AP and Honors classes

  • Maintenance of Effort policy that causes Montgomery County to lose state aid

  • Requiring HSAs for graduation

  • Requiring a financial literacy class for graduation

  • Any kind of proposed Curfew Bill and Loitering Bill

  • LC policy and Attendance intervention in coordination with threatened credit loss

  • Inconsistent grading and disciplinary policies

  • Standardized testing - “Teaching to the test”

  • Random drug testing

  • A school uniform policy

  • The release of contact information to military recruiters

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Be a delegate to the 2014 Nominating Convention to support Dahlia!

Nominating Convention: February 27th ~ 12pm-5pm @ Clarksburg High School

Permission slips due by February 19th @ 3pm

General Election: April 30th, 2014