By: Demir Veziroglu


The settings are Auggie's house. Beecher Prep School and The Nature Retreat Center.


The main characters are Auggie, Via, Jack, Summer, Justin, Miranda.


Plot-Auggie was introduced and he told what he looked.
    1. Auggie is a normal kid but doesn’t look normal.

    2. Many people are trying to get away from Auggie.

    3. Auggie gets mad because of school.

    4. He starts starts going to school and thinks it’s ok

    5. Julian was Auggie’s worst enemy and Auggie wasn’t friends with his fake friends.

    6. Jack wanted to be his real friend

    7. They became friends

    8. Julian was leaving the school

    9. Everyone cheered for Auggie at the Henry Ward Ceremony and he became a wonder


One theme from the book Wonder, do not judge how people look on the outside.

Point of view

The story has a lot people having point of view.

My Question

I would ask Julian why he is being mean to Auggie. Because he was very mean to Auggie almost for the whole time.

Auggie in the Future

I think Auggie’s story should continue with Auggie as a pre-teen in 8th grade. When Auggie was in 8th grade he would see a new bully that made fun of Auggie. And he would have his same friends and a new one named Shuggie.