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Professional Learning Opportunities

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Micro-credentials are competency-based recognition for the professional learning that you do. Completing a micro-credential is a certification indicating that you have demonstrated competency in a specific skill related to effective teaching and instructional practice. They are on-demand learning opportunities that are shareable, personalized, and provide voice and choice for you as a professional learner. All of them are free of charge and can be completed at any time.

Micro-credentials are powerful, effective professional learning because they are:

  • personalized and self-directed
  • focused on the needs of educators, students, and schools
  • competency-based
  • job-embedded and practical

They are also a great way to earn CTLE hours.

Start Earning Micro-credentials Today!

How do I enroll and participate in an On-Demand learning opportunity?

All micro-credentials currently available and open for participation can be accessed through the MCSD On-Demand PD: Micro-Credential Catalog. At this time the district is helping you to access both Digital Promise learning opportunities as well as training offered through the New York State Center for School Health (NYSCSH).

The professional learning opportunities are managed through each organization's learning management system and will issue the CTLE hours and credentials once you have met their learning expectations. The district does not certify or evaluate your learning; the issuer of each micro-credential will provide you with the number of CTLE hours earned and evidence of your completion. The district is including the opportunities that align with our mission, vision, core beliefs and learning priorities.

  1. Faculty and staff identify the micro-credential they are interested in by following the link in the catalog. This will take you to a more detailed description of the learning and expectations for completion and how to get started.
  2. Faculty and staff purse their micro-credential by following the outlined learning plan. The learning is completed at your own pace.
  3. Faculty and staff will gather and submit evidence of their competence as outlined in the learning plan. This evidence will vary depending on each learning opportunity. For Digital Promise micro-credentials each "issuer" will evaluate the evidence submitted by the learner. For the NYSCSH training, you must receive a certain % on the Post Knowlege Check, which is outlined in each training plan.
  4. Faculty and staff keep a record of completed micro-credentials and CTLE hours.
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