The Pirate Cove Annual Report

Our Year in Review 2018-2019

Palencia Pirate Cove Media Center Mission

The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas, information and technology. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of our program, so that we are prepared to set sail into tomorrow’s world.

Library Circulation Statistics

What are the numbers?

Total Checkouts- 48,822

  • Print Books - 30,560
  • E-books - 18,262

Total New Materials Added - 1,019

Total Material Weeded - 619

Number of Missing Books After Inventory - 23

Number of Independent Checkouts

Library and Media Programs

Battle of the Books

We are so proud of our SSYRA readers and the Battle Team. Each student on the team read all 15 books. Then they took the highly competitive Battle Test to secure a spot on the team. The team competed against 11 other schools in the south of the county. This is the 3rd year in a row that our team has won the Battle of the Books South. Overall our school has won 5 times in the 7 years our school has competed. During the battle, students must identify 40 quotes from the 15 different books.This year the team only missed one quote from the 40 that were given and maintained the lead during the entire battle. It was an exciting competition and our students showed talent and teamwork. Go Pirates!


Each year students are challenged to read books from the Sunshine State Reader list. There are 15 books on the list for grades 3-5. Once students have read at least 3 books and passed an AR test with 70% accuracy, they are eligible to vote for their favorite book. The following are incentives for reading each of the books at Palencia.

3 Books

~Vote for your favorite book in early April

5 Books or More

  • SSYRA - 66

  • SSYRA Jr. - 70

All 15 Books

  • SSYRA - 24 Students
  • SSYRA Jr. - 35 Students

Birthday Book Club

We had 191 participants in the birthday book club program.

The Palencia Elementary School Media Center’s Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to commemorate your child’s birthday. Your participation not only enriches the library collection but allows you and your child to be personally involved in its growth.

To take part in the Birthday Book Club donate one new undamaged hardback book. This book should be a book that your child enjoys and one that we don’t have in the media center already. You can choose a new book at the book store. A quick check of our library catalog (Destiny) will tell you if we already have the book. If you would prefer, you may make a monetary donation of $15 and your child can choose from recently acquired books that are waiting to be put on the shelves. For more information, contact the media center.

WPES Morning News

Crew Members - 5 5th grade students and 6 4th grade students

Projects undertaken throughout the year:

  1. Magazine Minutes
  2. Field Trip Book
  3. 4th Grade Mentoring
  4. Words of Wisdom
  5. Birthday Book Club
Big picture

Lisa Graff Author Visit

Literacy Week


Little Free Library

Week of Events

Our Literacy week events were a big hit with our students. There were lots of magazines read and purchased. The reading buddies dangled with delight as students had fun learning about periodicals and the multiple genres that are provided in magazines. Thank you to everyone who has helped our school build a Little Free Library. It's not too late to get a magazine, a tervis cup, or another great gift while supporting our Safety Patrols' and News Crew's joint service project for the community. Use the link below and our school will benefit from your order for the rest of the school year. More information on the benefits of reading magazines with students can be found at Teaching with Magazines. Thanks again for your support!

Because you built it, they will come!

On your way to school, or passing by, you will see an addition to the front of PES in the form of a small, red and black house. This new structure is the Little Pirate Cove Free Library that students fundraised for back in February during the Reading Rally. If you purchased a magazine, you helped bring this library to our community to help inspire a love of reading to all. Once installed, the Little Pirate Cove Free Library will be available to members of our community to take a book, return a book, or donate a book. At the Pirate Cove, we are so overjoyed to bring this free book exchange to Palencia.


Teacher Training

Improved Circulation

Purchasing SSYRA, SSYRA Jr. and other popular series

Pumpkin Character Contest

Hour of Code

Read Across America and Book Swap

Dress-up week

Book Swap

Dr. Seuss Reading Challenge

Read Across America Challenge State Ebooks


Fall Book Fair

Spring Book Fair

Birthday Book Club

Bubble Gum Days

Magazine Fundraiser


News Crew and Patrols

MackinVia with all Teachers

Lisa Graff Author Visit

Haliko Third Grade

Looking Ahead to Next Year

Making Our Own Books

Book Creator

Recording and Publishing WPES

Copyright Training for Teachers and Kids

7 Habits of Library Character

Books on Buses

Author Visit for Primary