The land of the wood and water.

Background Information

Capital: Kingston

Area: 4, 244 square miles

Population: 2,930,050 people

Population density: 644 people per square mile

Government: Democracy

GDP: $14.39 billion

GDP (per capita): $69,000

Climate: Sunny, Humid, Average rain, ect

Cultural Traits

Language: English/Spanish

Religion: Protestant

Music: Reggae (Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, ect)

Sport: Jungle bobsledding

Food: Plantains, Fried chicken, Grape fruit, ect

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Looking For A Escape??

Then come to Jamaica!! we have tons of activities

Bob Marley museum

Blue mountains

And more!

Jamaica's Nature



Jamaican Yellow Boa

Jamaican Giant Anole



Titi Apples


Phsyical features:

Blue mountains

Discovery Bay

The Black river

Problems and Resources

Natural resources: Limestone & Bauxite

Natural Disasters: Hurricanes

A major problem in Jamaica is the water/air being polluted

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Imports & Exports

Imports: Food, Fuel, Machinery, ect.

Exports: Sugar, Rum, Coffee, Yams, ect

Fun fact: There is 28 Airports in Jamaica

By Shane Vaughan & Riley Prichard