Marilyn Monroe

Zach Darden

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Norma Jean soon changed to Marilyn Monroe was a model and actress through the 1950's and early 1960's.a California native Monroe went to fame after she signed her first movie contract in 1946, and her career began to really take flight in the 50's as an actress in Los Angeles. she was an american icon and world wide sensation and continues to be an inspiration to young woman around the globe.

media perspective #1

The media portrayed Marilyn's death to be a murder. the conspiracy the media made relevant was that she was killed by the Kennedy's since both john F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy both had an affair with her even though the police report stated she committed suicide.

media perspective #2

The media portrayed Marilyn to have committed suicide. They say she suffered from chronic depression and on August 5, 1962 she was discovered dead in bed with Nembutal in her system. The police report says there was no pill residue found but the media stated saying she was holding a phone as if she was talking to somebody before she died.
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media bias

Marilyn Monroe an american icon was portrayed to have died in many ways. From being murdered to committing suicide to being injected wrong by doctors the true story of how she died is still a mystery. I believe she committed suicide because of her chronic depression and how depression ran in her family. There's also evidence that shows Monroe attempted suicide 3 times but wasn't successful which gives me more reason to believe suicide was the way she lost her life.

Marxist criticism

Marilyn is represented by Marxist criticism because in one of the last interviews she had she spoke about a big secret she had then a couple days after the interview was when Monroe was reported dead.

feminist criticism

Marilyn Monroe shows feminist criticism because of the way she was portrayed. she was portrayed to have a perfect body at the time because of the way it shaped and defined and other woman were expected to look like her. Also she was portrayed to be more of sex icon than that of a woman and it caused her to be in depression
Marilyn Monroe - The Last Interview