Fall in mud get eaten, or keep pushing and save your behind!

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Get ready to run!

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

344 Tully Road

San Jose, CA 95111

Saturday, January 23, 2016 From 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Special Z Games post Apocalyptic Zombie fun mud run!

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 8am-3pm

344 Tully Road

San Jose, CA

Special Z Games is for unstoppable people determined to show the world what they can do, with or without special needs.

A post-apocalyptic, Zombie Fun Mud Fun, Special Z Games was created to bring awareness to (and vent frustration at) a school system that drags children with special needs, tripping them up on their way to success. Runners will have to get down and dirty to make it to the finish line, encountering obstacles along the way. But one obstacle is alive (dead?!?): zombies roaming the course creating the post-apocalyptic zombie atmosphere.

When we suspect our child has a disability, do we find all the support we need at school? NO! When a few simple changes in a child’s daily schedule or some adaptive equipment is the only thing missing for him or her to learn effectively, is it easy to get the help we need? NO! For students with more complicated needs, where do you even begin to work with the school? NO! It’s maddening! These “zombies” are real-life problems that follow our students every year and year after year of school.

At the Special Z Games, our zombies are Zombieteers and our obstacles are man-made, unlike what our children with special needs experience within the public school system. Their real-life obstacles to education would be hard enough in a perfect system, but it can feel like the school is working against your child at every opportunity like zombies roaming the streets.

Now is your chance to put your anger to action. It’s time to break this apocalyptic experience. Let’s kick some zombie ass at the Special Z Games to bring awareness to the problems our children with special needs are having within the public school system.