Ernest Hemmingway


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  1. He lived in Paris at a time in his life.
  2. He got married four times to four different women.
  3. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois.
  4. He met J.D. Sallinger in World War II.
  5. He had a son named Patrick.
Ernest Hemingway

More Facts

  1. He only wrote one play and it was called the The Fifth Column
  2. He was awarded a bronze star for bravery under-fire in World War II.
  3. His sister, brother, and father committed suicide as well.
  4. He tried to kill himself a few times before.
  5. As an adult he killed 400 rabbits in a day.

More Interesting Facts

  1. Started his writing career in a newspaper office at the age of 17 in Kansas City.
  2. In high school he boxed, played football, and wrote in the school newspaper.
  3. The army rejected him because of his poor eyesight.
  4. He was a reporter for the Toronto Newspaper.
  5. His first wife was Elizabeth Hadley Richardson.
  6. He married his last wife on August 19th to Mary Welsch.
  7. To end his interesting and wonderful life he committed suicide.
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