McCarthyism & The Crucible

Created By Sidne' Larkins

What is The Crucible ?

- written by Arthur Miller

-drama based on Salem Witch Trials

-characters being accused of witchcraft and other devilish acts

-in the drama, Goody Putnam creates mass hysteria

-Goody Putnam creates mob mentality

Salem Witch Trials

-people accused of association with devil
-anybody that did something unusual was a witch
-victims executed by hanging & other torture
-if you act unusually you were consorting with the devil
-anyone can be accused; reputation doesn't matter

The Red Scare & McCarthyism

-in the 1950's
-fear of communism
-Joseph McCarthy was the leader of this fear
-led to national witch hunt for communists
-any and everyone was accused
-people were accused by association
-reputations of the accused were diminished

How Are All of These Things Related ?

The character Reverend Parris in The Crucible is only concerned with "saving his own skin". As for Joseph McCarthy, when re-election began to near after a devastating first term, he looked to any avenue to guarantee political success. Edmund Walsh & McCarthy get together to manipulate the fan the fear of communism.
Also, the Salem Witch Trials & McCarthyism are similar in the context of each event. Both events cause mass hysteria and herd mentality. During the Salem Witch Trials, once a person was convinced to believe in supernatural beings everyone began to follow suit. With McCarthyism, when Senator McCarthy began to make accusations about certain people being communists then other people began to believe the same thing.
Both groups of people involved in Salem Witch Trials & McCarthyism have all been captivated by an inexplicable event that has took over a group of people.