Islamic Art and Getty Villa Trip

November 10 to 14

Our First Field Trip is Finally Here!

  • Forms and Donation due tomorrow (extra field trip forms are on Edmodo)
  • Please arrive at 7:30. The bus will be parked in front of the 300 wing.
  • Bring a sack lunch
  • We will return at 3:00

Isalmic Art

By 640, Muslims ruled Syria, Palestine, and Iraq in the name of Allah. In 642, the Byzantine army abandoned Alexandria, marking the Muslim conquest of Lower Egypt. In 651, the successors of Muhammad ended more than 400 years of Sasanian rule in Iran. In this unit we will be focusing on three images. All three are works of architecture that serve as places of Islamic worship. We will find that use of design in a sacred space is a reflection of religious experience. We will also consider if large scale sacred architecture can also serve as an expression of political power.

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"Two Against One" - A Music Video from Jack White, Norah Jones and Danger Mouse

Rome - Two Against One