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What's a Concussion?

the act of violently shaking or jarring your head.

Causes of a Concussion

Sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head, resulting from certain events such as a car crash or being violently shaken, also can cause brain injury like high-risk sport, bicycle accident. soldier involved in combat, physical abuse, and falling.

A concussion can occur after an impact to the head or a whiplash-type injury that causes the head and brain to shake quickly back and forth.

What causes a concussion?

Here some 3 examples of how do you get a concussion

'Losing Their Minds"

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Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion & Danger Signs & Symptoms

Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head, temporay loss of consciousness, confusion or feeling as if in a fog, amnesia surrounding the traumatic event. Dizziness or "seeing star", ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, slurried speech, delayed response to questions, appearing dazed, fatigue.

Repeated vomiting, a loss of consciousness lasting longer than 30 seconds, a headache that gets worse over time, changes in his or her behavior, such as irritability.

Difficulty remembering, concentrating, or making decisions. Getting lost or easily confused. Headaches or spine pain that don't go away. Blurred vision or eyes that tire easily.

Long-Term Effects

Epilepsy, Multiple Brain Injuries, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Headaches, Post-Traumatic Vertigo, Second Impact Syndrome.

Psychological challenges for depression, anger & anxiety. Additional check-ups, routine doctor visits, or ongoing rehabilitcation.

Concussion / Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


Doctors will try to reduce brain swelling, stop any brain bleeding, and keep your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure stable. 90% of the most diagnosed concussions don't involve a loss of consciousness.

For most people who experience a brain injury, life will return to a similar pace.

.Get plenty of sleep at night

.Avoid activities that're physically demanding

.Make sure the child avoid high-risk and speed activities

Brain injury recovery video

Returning to School & Sports

School personal should be contacted as soon as possible after the injury to plan for the student's return to school. Ask a doctor before returning 3 times a week after a concussion.

Being active again before the brain returns to normal functioning increases the person's risk of having more serious brain injury. Gradual return to play after concussions & exercise should only begin after period of cognitive rest & concussion symptoms clears.

47% of all reported sports concussions occur during high school football.

ISU student returns to school after accident

Safety & Prevention

Always wears the right helmet & buckle your seat belt for children up to birth-age.

33% of all sports concussions happen at practice.

What Causes Accidents - Safety Training Video - Preventing Accidents & Injuries

Data & Statistics

4-5 million concussions occur annually with rising numbers among middle school athletes. Emergency Department Visits, Hospitalizations, Deaths.
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