Unbroken/ Theme

Trey Grizzle, Isaac Keller, Courtney Carr


When in life threatening situations drastic measures are necessary to survive
" Louie, Phil, and Mac clawed for the raft walls and threw themselves overboard. They swam under the rafts and huddled there, watching bullets tear through the rafts and cut bright slits in the water around them. Then the firing stopped.

The men surfaced. The bomber had overshot them and was now to the east, moving away. Two sharks were nosing around. The men had to get out of the water immediately.

Clinging to the side of Louie and Mac's raft, Phil was completely done in. The leap into the water had taken everything that was left in him."(154)

Two things from this tie into the them "When in life threatening situations drastic measures are necessary to survive". One, was they were being shot by the enemy plane and they made the drastic measure to jump into the shark invested water, where sharks were just leering around waiting, they made that decision because it was either be a shooting target or have a chance of survival with the sharks. Two. that kind of goes with number one is that they used all the energy they had phil including Mac to survive, so when they came up to the side of the raft they had nothing left but it saved them.

" Camp official asked for a volunteer to work as barber for the guards, offering payment of one rice ball per job. The idea of working around the guards was intimidating, but louie had to eat. "

This ties in with the them because he took on this job not because he wanted to but because if he didn't get more food in his stomach he was going to starve to death. It wasn't much for his efforts but at least it was something. He knew this was it only shot to get more food.

UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand
" men were caught al the time, and when they were, all the men if the work party were beaten with fists, bats, and rifle butts. But the men were fed so little and worked so a hard that they felt they had to steal to survive. They set up a " university of Thievery," in which "professors" the most adept thieves- taught the art of stealing"(244)

These PoW's are stealing knowing that they are going to get beaten if caught, and are taking that chance to survive because their doing backbreaking work, and getting fed practically nothing, so this is what they have to result too. They are risking their health to not starve.

Repairing raft. it was crucial for their survivial.

and how they talked to eachother louie and phil to keep their mind off of food and themselves sane.