Materials Engineering

Riley Russell

what Materials Engineering is

Materials engineers create and study materials at an atomic level. They create new better materials for every day use also for warfare and super performance, and a lot more materials that vary from golf clubs to top secret air craft wings. I would want to be in this fields because I like to great new things with science (my favorite subject) that help the world and solve problems.

what they do daily

Materials engineers on a daily basis look at at one problem and see witch material will fix or help the problem becoming close to or solved. test to see how resistant they are to things.

Typical salary of a Materials engineer

The median salary of a Materials engineer is $90,000, up to $150,000.
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Education it takes to become.

You need all your core class credits and at least a bachelors degree in materials engineering. also make high school count get ahead in your math and science class and take a computer class cause you will need to know how to use a lot of software.