Digital Citizenship-Brendan B

Cyber Bulling

What is cyber bulling?Cyber bulling is a form of bulling but instead of face to face,bullies use social networks,mobile phones and any social media sites.Kids socialise very differently these days.


Kids socialise very differently these days. A lot of it takes place on the internet, a world that can be very hard to monitor as a parent. Due to the remote nature of the internet, it may be less obvious that your child is being subjected to cyberbullying.



Online safety is very important on every site on the internet espicaly on socail media like facebook,twitter,kik and instergram also. There is a online safety for kids website.Here is the link

Also Don't forget T.H.I.N.K Tell your mom and dad about anything wierd online.Hide your password for anything.Interesting sites could be fun so ask mom or dad first.Name calling and bulling can really hurt peoples feelings.Keep your personal infomation to yourself.


Netiquette is using good manners online like being polite,speaking normal and showing good manners when talking on social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,kik,Skype and Instergram.

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