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Hello everyone!

We are definitely getting down to the wire! This is our last full week before Spring Break! Can you believe it?! That being said, we are about to really start hunkering down and reviewing! You will notice an increase in homework over the next few weeks as we try to squeeze in as much review as possible while also continuing to learn new material. The kids know that it is going to be a long few weeks, and we have talked a lot about how we have to put in the work in order to be successful! I am going to try to make the review as fun as possible though- next week we will have two morning review sessions!

Beginning on Tuesday of next week, if possible, please make plans to attend our "Milestones and Muffins" review sessions! Next week our focus will be math! On Tuesday we will be reviewing the first nine-weeks math content, and on Thursday we will be reviewing the second nine-weeks content. Below is the full review list. If you would like to volunteer to donate snacks/breakfast for one of our review sessions, please email me at your earliest convenience! This is crunch time! I know they can do it! :)

Other announcements for this week:

  • In this week's Friday Folder you will receive progress reports! These will be itemized! While many teachers sent them home last week, we have a LOT of assignments that were graded last week and the week before, so I'm trying to get everything update before they go home. Please make plans to sign and return them next Monday. :)
  • STEAM Night is this Thursday. If you haven't reserved your sessions, you may sign up for sessions when you arrive on Thursday.
  • Georgia Milestones dates have been posted. Please try to make sure that these dates are on your calendar to avoid scheduling appointments or trips on these testing days. It is always best that your child takes these tests with their class. Our testing will start at 12:00 on these days. Please try not to check your child out early on these days. With all of the schedule changes during Milestones testing, we ask that you do not plan to eat with your child. Thank you for your consideration.

    Monday 4/17-ELA

    Tuesday 4/18-ELA

    Wednesday 4/19 Make Ups

    Thursday 4/20- Math

    Friday 4/21- Math

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Jordan Myers

We're going to work, work, work, work, work, but we're going to dance our way through it! :)

Piglet Dancing to "Work"

What We Are Covering This Week:

Reading: Extended Response Practice #2
Writing: Continuing Literary Essays

Grammar: Review (Progressive Verbs- most missed question on assessment)

Math: Test over Measurement and Data (converting measurements, angles, line plots)

Social Studies: Westward Expansion centers! :)

Word Work: -ify

Tests and Quizzes This Week:


  • Angles Daily Grade


  • Measurement and Data Test


  • Social Studies DA


  • Westward Expansion Open-Note Daily Grade

Milestones Review Sessions!

Tuesday, March 28- First Nine-Weeks Math Review

Thursday, March 30- Second Nine-Weeks Math Review

Monday, April 10- Third Nine-Weeks Math Review

Tuesday, April 11- Fourth Nine-Weeks Math Review

Wednesday, April 12- Reading Strategies and Skills

Thursday, April 13- Writing Strategies and Skills

Friday, April 14- RACE Strategy Review/Pre-Milestones Celebration!

Milestones Dates:

4/17: ELA

4/18: ELA

4/20: Math

4/21: Math